11th General Assembly

Melbourne’s 11th General Assembly – Monday 31/10/11 – State Library Lawn

Assembly begins at 6:08pm

Facilitation team:
Nick – Moderator
Tal – Moderator Support/Co-ordinator
??? – Participants team/Co-ordinator

[Acknowledgement that there are only 3 facilitators present, assembly is okay to proceed]
[Proposal from Facilitation team to forego individual proposals due to low numbers and pressing requirement to move occupation away from State Library lawn: PASSED]

Report backs:

Carl: ???

First Aid
Joel: A few new members, though still have low numbers. Starting to provide First Aid on site at State Library occupation.

Ryan/Sara: Has very low numbers, facing very different issues than City Square, discussed tech demos for occupying without structures.

Kids & Carers
Cathy: ???

Tal: Is struggling to keep up providing facilitators for daily General Assemblies, has discussed proposals for moving to two General Assemblies per week, no consensus yet.

Working Group Proposals:

Had a Logistics meeting during the day, two proposals were decided upon unanimously:

1. To move the occupation to Treasury Gardens. (as we cannot stay at the State Library lawn, it is private land and we will be moved on by police)

2. To defer re-occupation until Wednesday night. (to give Logistics and occupiers a rest considering the weather, 2nd eviction and events of the past week)

Logistics WG explains the criteria that was used to select Treasury Gardens, it came down to a choice between City Square and Treasury Gardens, assembly shows support for accepting the criteria and site selection process.

Both proposals are put to vote, two thirds consensus shown on both.

Facilitation acknowledges that this decision must be made urgently, we will split off into small groups to discuss how the proposal could be modified or amended.

[Assembly splits into small groups]

Small groups report back to the assembly, several alternate proposals discussed, no consensus on any. Acknowledgement that the Logistics proposals are viable, agree to split into smaller groups again to discuss how to work towards consensus on these two proposals.

Assembly returns to smaller groups to clarify points of information, concerns and questions in regards to the proposals. Many concerns around having no inner CBD presence.

Proposal taken from one small group to amend one of the proposals: PASSED

[Proposal amended to hold General Assemblies on Wednesday nights at City Square]

Further discussion is made by the assembly before putting the amended proposal to a vote.

Proposal to move occupation to  Treasury Gardens & hold Wed GA’s at City Square: PASSED

Proposal to defer re-occupying to Wednesday evening: PASSED

No further working group proposals.

– Kitchen has rejoined at State Library and has set up temporarily to the rear of the GA supplying minimal food.
– Logistics calls for vehicles to help transport equipment to off site locations ahead of the move to Treasury Gardens.

Melbourne’s 11th General Assembly is brought to a close at 9:12pm.


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