16th General Assembly

9th November 2011 6pm, City Square

Facilitation Working Group
Provided introduction to the General Assembly, explaining how the GA works. Proposal process explained, etc.
Concerns have been raised in the past week to the facilitation team, process is of course an on-going one and always looking to be improved.
Specific concerns:
1. People feel there is no agenda. Facilitation team request any proposals 1 hour beforehand to the Facilitation Team. Therefore an agenda for each GA can perhaps be made.
2. Long lists of speakers. However Facilitation Team want to represent a variety of peoples and groups opinions,  stressed that this is crucial.
Toby – Indigenous Working Group
IWG’s only agenda is working towards and wanting structures.
John – Logistics Working Group
Site is running smoothly. Asking for more participation as only 3 man teams are in place and this isn’t enough. Matter of structures should go to the legal working group.
Resources requested – Cars, marquees and other structures – depending on how court case goes.
Baron – Education Working Group
Information desimination sheet – continuing project.
Twilight Cinema – free cinema. “Yes men fix the world” suggested by Baron as the 1st film. First screening yet to be announced.
Next group meeting 11am Treasury Gardens.
Carl – Media Working Group
Had 1st “Media Scrum” today. Interviewed by media at the court house.
Still working on mandate on how put media on social media.
OM digest announced – online digest with OM articles – http://omdigest.org/
James – Legal Working Group
Announces case before Federal Court. Filed proceedings yesterday against City Of Melbourne Council. Notice issued on the 4th of Nov that we couldn’t erect structures is “in breach of fundamental constitutional rights of political communcation”.
2:15pm preliminary hearing held – basic facts presented so far. Short & long strategy underway and explained.
Long term strategy
Right to protest for all Australians, and notices given were invalid and violate basic constitutional rights. This is a landmark case for civil rights in Australia and around the world as to how police handle protests. Announces we have a very strong case.
Short term strategy
Interim order while we wait, to erect basic structures while we protest. Basic amenities are required for constitutional right for political communication.
Council considers camping without structures to be lawful. Doyle’s team asserted there is no for basic amenitites to support our occupation.
Adjourned until 2:15pm Friday. Short-team interim decided by then. If denied, in violation of basic constitutional rights.
Short team goal could not go our way, but the bigger issue will still be pursued, both for here and the world.
Asked for a wait and see approach for Friday as to whether we erect structures on Sat.
Sarah – Safer Spaces Working Group
Handed out 2 page proposal for people to digest.
Sam – Direct Action Group
Keeping turning up, keeping showing up.
Announced “Going Backwards Under Ballieu” protest 1pm Sunday – the protest will be joining OM @ Treasury Gardens afterward. Many environmental issues raised.
Reminded that this was supported by a previous GA.
Also announced;
16th November – Q&A trades hall about BHP – 6:00pm or 6:30pm
Eviction of Robert Doyle
Tower of Power Friday night at 5:30pm
Pushed back Arts Festival to 26th November
Costa – Arts Culture & Promotions Working Group
T-Shirts by Saturday – screen printing, banner making – people can come down and get their own design printed.
Daily micro marches with jazz
Asks for more assistance
Arts & Culture:
Songwriting, dancing workshops
Wants a consistent presence of creative individuals down at Treasury Gardens.
Jacob – Parents & Carers Working Group
Teddy Bears Picnic – unions are in support of this event.
This has actually gotten much bigger than anticipated so there is an organisational Meeting Thursday John Curtin Hotel 5:30pm.
Community & Outreach Working Group
Tower of Power friday night at 5:30pm
Different target each week – this week QANTAS (71% wage increase whilst denying workers strike)
General information about general strikes after tour – for example in Oakland
Strike for Baieda workers, one of the most significant strikes in recent times, paid below minimum wage, exploiting migrant workers. Free transport after GA for people to come along to support the protest.
Stan – Declaration Working Group
Draft ready – going to allow time until Saturdays GA for people to read and report back any “deal breaker” issues. About 50 people have worked on this, and it is of critical importance to allow people to ensure it reflects Melbourne as a whole.
Joel – First Aid Working Group
Asked for supplies such as sunscreen, repellent.
Ensure care is taken at the site for good health
Now become the First Aid & Care Working Group
Caring for anyone after “bloody Friday”, against burnout – meditation groups, counselling, etc
Group Proposals

Indigenous Working Group
Aboriginals – calling for treaty and declaration of aborginial sovereignty on Saturday.
(Interruption – Weather has gotten inclement – storm clouds overhead)
Facilitators propose move to the Atrium at Federation Square – PASSED.
Atrium – Federation Square
(Indigenous Working Group cannot be located – proposal has been put on hold until they arrive)

Daniella – Direct Action Working Group
1. OM support Occupy protest in Sydney. 7 people occupied an empty building and at 5pm released banners from the windows, highlighting homelessness inside CBD despite empty buildings. All 7 people have been charged with trespassing.
Passed – no dissent.
2. Next Wednesday indigenous speakers to join us at the next GA, to be the 1st speakers following the GA.
Passed – no dissent.
Sam – Direct Action Working Group
3. Critical mass showing 2pm Sat regardless of court outcome. All sorts of comm. groups, social  groups, sign declaration supporting occupation.
Passed – no dissent.
Independent Proposals

Friday – 11 11 11
11:11am – 1 minute of silence to reflect Remembrance Day, for OM to support lives lost in WW1
Large dissent.
Amendment to be all victims of war, not just WW1
Smaller dissent
Speakers for/against.
2nd amendment to include opposition to all war
Speaker against 
We should oppose war in general generated by the 1%.
(Facilitation team announces better wording to be made from the speakers for/against)
Speaker For
Better proposal – protest instead of 1 minute of silence.
Take 2pm “en masse” proposal 1 step further, we should not have to wait to have structures before Friday. We have every right to protest and do not need to wait until then.
Large dissent

Amended proposal – to erect structures on Saturday whether or not legal motion on Friday is passed.
Speakers for/against
Against: riot police coming in could result in injury or death, passing this will put the occupiers in jeopardy.
Against: We have and should be using guerilla tactics – if the enemy attacks, we retreat – we need a mandate, more organisation, more direct actions in place, more numbers before we stand up directly to the enemy.
“Mass arrests will clog up courts and clog up our cause”
Thomas – SA
For: Quoting Robert Doyle “While we remain small, they can deal with us. If we grow in numbers, then we’ll re-evaluate.” If we’re to grow in numbers, we must stand out as visibly as possible.
Against: Legal challenge in Federal Court is very important right now – we must wait until Saturdays GA until we act. Occupy OC – tents seen as act of free speech.
Point of information: Buying into ‘their’ language – we’re not camping, we’re occupying. Refrain from using the word camping.
Point of information: Reminding people of last Sundays GA to support the future use of structures, and that it would be discussed at the GA when required.
Facilitation Team – We dont have anything close to consensus – around 60% – facilitatators decide we move on, citing previous GA’s passed proposal to discuss structures as required, which would be Saturday after court decision.
Re-wording proposal re 11-11-11 = 1 min silence for those who died, they are a part of the 99%. We the 99% are against all wars, they are initiated by the 1%. We want out Govt to bring our troops home.
Passed – no dissent
1st part – To change the FB Group of Towers of Power notice – Alan Joyce as a Corporate Scumbag. This language alienates people.
 2nd part – To refrain from derogatory terms in future.
Large dissent.
Speakers for/against
Casey (SA)
Against – Alan Joyce *is* a Corporate scumbag. He got a 71% increase in pay whilst neglecting rights of workers. It’s not personal, it is because he is hurtful to a lot of people. His actions are disgusting, so calling him a scumbag is just.
For – Agrees with previous speaker. However problem is the system, not the CEO. We must also conduct ourselves in an adult manner and get messages across as so, without sounding like name-calling children.
Lynn (SA)
Against – This is censorship. Notes Joyce enforcing a ban of industrial action in future for all qantas workers.
Point of Information – This is for OM official communication only, and isn’t about censoring individuals right to free speech.
For – We need everyone to feel welcome. His friends in the corp world would feel alienated by this kind of language – these are people who are meant to be with us, in the 99% and this would simply alienate them.
Against – Quotes it is necessary for the need of intelligent wording in media due to personal experience – this is great for press releases, but for anything else it is censorship.

Facilitators note due to large dissent, 2nd part of proposal would be dissented too.
(Facilitators note after 2 hours, it may be the “most democratic” thing to do is to put any other proposals on hold until Saturday)
Indigenous Working Group (by phone message) apologise for not re-joining GA at the Atrium – again reminded all to come to Treasury Gardens on Saturday @ 1:30pm to sign petition for treaty.
Next Saturday we’ll be approving declaration – again very important to come down.
Casse – Kitchen Group
City of Yarra has asked kitchen to leave Edinburgh Gardens and they will be coming down to Treasury Gardens. Also more help required for kitchen – even if this means taking food from stockpiles and cooking at home.
Sean – Logistics Working Group
Not enough people, call for help. “Logistics is dying”.
Joe – Permaculture Working Group
1:30 Saturday invited all to discussion and to bring chairs if you desire.
(Facilitators call to get all those looking to join Baida protest to now come to the front for carpooling)
Daniel of Nightwatch Owls
Need more people, we need to put our words into action.

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