MINUTES: Occupy Melbourne
21st General Assembly, 26 November 2011

Procedural issue

How best to decide if there is not a quorum?

Facilitation Group moves a motion that there is not a quorum.  Some discussion about the procedure occurred.  It was clarified that a meeting is a decision making forum unless two thirds of the meeting decides that there is not a quorum. Suggested that such a proposal should come from the floor. Unclear whether it has been agreed that a GA needs a quorum of 60.


We do not have sufficient numbers to form a decision making quorum.

Result: not passed. no one voted in favour.

1. Working group reports

1.1  Occupiers

Everything going well. Join us

1.2  Logistics

Haven’t lost much from raids. Today was ludicrously good. Looking into how to collect donations. Need more volunteers. Request that smokers smoke at a distance from others.

1.3  Womyn occupying

New working group formed to ensure safety and for empowerment of women occupiers.  Women’s tent to be set up soon.

1.4  First aid

24 hours presence. Addressing high levels of violence to street kids. Liaising with Salvation Army and DHS. Being careful about DHS kids in the camp.

1.5  Kitchen

Kitchen is relying on only a few people. Need a more communal approach. Please help. Especially before meals. Thanks Mustapha. Unfortunately he is under bail conditions that indicate he’s not allowed in Treasury Gardens.

1.6  Direct action

On Friday 20-30 OM supporters did a silent vigil at White Ribbon Day with white ribbon gags and pictures of police violence. Robert Doyle chickened out of leading the march

Tuesday 29 meet City Square at 4pm to plan for mike check at council meeting. Going to council chambers . Or meet at 5pm near Council Chambers Probably side door in Little Collins. But may be another door. Stay tuned. Need at least 20 attending.

Suggestion of statement of solidarity with Egyptian protests.

1.7  Media

Going well. Meetings on website – the first port of call for such information. Presence at OM most of the time. Encouragement to self-monitor on social media.

1.8  Declaration

Did a small group exercise and straw polls last GA. These have formed the basis for a new document. Included well supported suggestions. There is a new document will go on website with tracked changes to continue the discussion.

1.9  Education

Good things happening. Seminar series. Academic outreach – please link up contacts. Fact sheet soon. Discussion groups 6.30 each day except Wednesday. Meeting 4pm Sunday.

1.10                 Facilitation working group

Large turn up. Lots of discussion. 50 were at one meeting. Next meeting 6pm Sunday at TG or Collins Place Food Court if it’s wet.  Still some concerns about process.

1.11                 Green energy

Got solar power – working on getting wind power, pedal power. Need more people. Next meeting 12 midday tomorrow at TG.

  1. 2.              Working group proposals:

2.1  Declaration working group:

Revised OM declaration was circulated for comment and read aloud to acclamation. Proposals for amendments that would build consensus were considered one by one.

1. Add peacefully to the last sentence “We proceed peacefully …” Amendment passed with strong support

2. The word “colonization” be amended to “invasion”. Then put as an insertion “invasion and colonization”.

Amendment not passed.

3. Amend “solidarity with Indigenous peoples” to “solidarity with all peoples of the world” (para 2).

Amendment not passed

4. Para 3 “We seek to create … “ to “we seek the creation of …” . Close vote. Amendment passed.

Discussion deferred till after other business but there was no time.

2.2 Direct action WG proposal:

Declare support for people of Egypt who are fighting against … condemn murder .. solidarity with actions in Australia 2pm Sunday with march to Egyptian consulate.

“We call on the people of the world to show their solidarity with people of Eygpt  who are fighting against an administration that is the continuation of the Mubarak era only without Mubarak at the helm.

We salute the courage, the conviction and the dogged persistence of the Egyptian protesters in the face of this betrayal; …. [incomplete]

Strong support but not 90%.

Proposal not passed.

3. Individual proposals

3.1 That individual members of the Facilitation WG may audiotape or video meetings in order to have a full record available to the GA on request. Proposal not passed.

Amendment proposed “or video” be deleted.  Amended proposal not passed.

Proposal that the meeting move on without further discussion.  Proposal passed.

3.2   Proposal that we re-affirm that the principle of non-violence includes non-violence to people and property.  Considerable opposition. Proposal not passed.

3.3 Proposal that we reaffirm that where possible any drafts of the declaration are put up when possible on the declaration working group wordpress website at least 24 hours before a GA. Passed with 100% consensus.

3.4 Proposal that we reinstate nightly GA s – 6pm on all week nights and 4pm on weekends. Proposed amendment for GAs continue twice weekly and any proposals from nightly camp meetings be the highest priority in the working group proposals at the following GA.

Proposal passed with 90% support.

3.5 Proposal that we call a special G A to discuss only the declaration some time after this Wednesday. It was acknowledged that we do not need to sig off on a declaration at that first meeting and that it may still be a long process.

Proposal passed by 100% consensus.

  1. Announcements

4.1 At 2pm tomorrow rally in support of Egyption protesters at GPO corner of Bourke and Elizabeth.

4.2 Need a time for non-violence seminar.  Speak to Anita for options.

4.3 Contact Matt if you are interested in working on OM songs.

Minutes by Jane and Yikes


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