39th General Assembly

4pm, City Square

28th January, 2012


Moderator: Joel Hynes

Moderator Support: Jason Emgee

Participation: Sebastian Barbaroza



  • Screened “Our Generation” movie about the Northern Territory intervention.
  • Open mic – open discussion
  • Indigenous activist speach by Sharon Firebrace
  • RAC, Green’s and Socialist info desks will be at the next Occfri


Request for people to attend Ross House on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm to remove approximately three carloads of items which includes bedding and cooking equipment. Items can be stored at members homes or at Irene’s warehouse.


  • Occupy Friday 5 will screen a film “The Trial of Pascual Pichun” – Lasnet Lucho to co-ordinate.
  • RAC, Green’s and Socialist info desks will be at the next Occfri.


  • Purchased plastic tubs
  • Received $35 in donations from Occfri 4
  • Needs more volunteers for roster
  • Two set meals this week
  • Contributions required ideally fruit


Self care – make sure you hydrate, be sunsmart and keep an eye on each other


  • A discussion regarding Rainbow Serpant will be held outside State Library Thursday 4pm
  • Tuesday 7pm free university at Melbourne city square – guest speaker Lesley Kanov
  • Filmakers are wanting us to show their material and upcoming screening will be held made by Franklin Lopez called END-CIV


  • New working group has formed to develope content to b e broadcast on channel 31
  • All welcome
  • Kenji has offered the use of his camera and himself


International Women’s Day

Proposed by Amelia

1. That Occupy Melbourne will initiate a call out to community and unions to be a part of an International Women’s day event @ City Square on Saturday March 10 2012.

2. Occupy Melbourne calls for International Women’s Day to address the following issues.

  • The full recognition of the sovereignty of Australia’s first nations
  • Full reproductive rights for all women
  • Full rights for refugees and asylum seekers;open the boarders to the woman,children, and men fleeing poverty, war and the devastation of climate change
  • Equal pay for work of equal value
  • An end to all violence against women

There will be a wgm,(OMIWDWG) at City Square Saturday at 3:00 (04/02/2012)

Consensus reached on both proposals

Electronic Safe

Proposed by Jason Emgee

  • Jason Emgee will buy an electronic safe
  • A roster (randomised) will be created, with three people assigned roles for that week
    • one person will physically hold the safe
    • two people will hold (create) the codes – both codes are required to open the safe
  • Each week the codes are changed at the GA, as well as the money being counted
  • Both ingoing contributions and outgoing expenditure require documenting

Suggested by Nick that Funds both ingoing and outgoing required documenting

Cathy will be contacting a community legal organisation to investigate the connotations of donations

Proposal Passed.

Documentation of Proposals

Proposed by Jason Emgee

  • Future proposals be documented and handed to the facilitation team 1 hour prior to each General Assembly
  • This will streamline General Assemblies, as well as to keep a physical and electronic record of proposals and the outcomes of these proposals

Proposal passed.

Mission Statement of Occupy Melbourne

Proposed by Scott Day

That Occupy Melbourne adopt the unofficial mission statement as it’s official mission statement, as follows;

This Occupation is a proclamation of solidarity with the millions of people occupying cities around the world right now. They and we seek economic, political & social change that will lead to a more just & equitable society. We are the 99%.

Proposal passed

Overnight Occupiers Support

Proposed by Indi

  • The overnight occupiers working group be restarted and that a phone message tree be set up for overnight occupiers
  • Moustafa, Teigan and Indi volunteered to be on the phone/messsage tree.

Proposal passed.

Kitchen Working Group Contributions Box

Proposed by Moustafa

  • Kitchen Working Group contributions box be situated on the InfoDesk at Occupy Fridays, as well as a wish list
Proposal passed.

Declaration Reinvigoration

Proposed by Joel Hynes

Occupy Melbourne strongly urges:
  • The existing working groups that have been involved in creation of the various declarations. to reform and have a meeting by Febuary 19
  • That the members of these declaration working groups will be contacted about this
  • That all current members are encouraged to be involved in this
Proposal passed.



  • Father Bob’s last mass Sunday 29th 10am to 12pm
  • Cobina purchased a gift and card and arranged for the pipe band
  • All members welcome to attend to show support and as a sign of appreciation


  • February 25th international radical discussion day to talk about politics, Economics, Religion etc in cafe’s, on public transport. Anywhere just talking to citizens.
  • Event is posted on Facebook
  • London supports this and is doing it


Was arrested by the police. For coming to the aid of Somalians. Was arrseted for hindering and Jay walking, although a police officer shoved him onto the road.

He has received about $1000 in fines and will let us know when a court date is set. So that we can attend as a sign of solidarity.


  • Will be screening more interviews at OccuFri 5
  • Requires more sisters to interview
  • A suggestion was made that he allow a sister to do interviews and that a group setting might be more comfortable.


Made a suggestion that we research alternative power sources for the projector, as the generator is problematic due to council harassment.

  • Also mentioned that there are facebook pages for three working groups and invite members to join Occupy Friday planning group
  • Community Outreach working group
  • Logistics and infrastructure working group.


Announced that Occupy Wall street had adopted an idea similar to Occupy Melbourne’s, Occupy Friday at City Square. Being Occupy Town Square. Encouraged all OM members to community outreach to the Occupy Wall Street community, to show support and solidarity.
Also raised the point about changing the name Occupy Friday to something that didn’t restrict or dilute the Occupy Message, to something like Occupy City Square and that a discussion could be had about this.
GA ended at 18:30 hrs.

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