42nd General Assembly

Wednesday 8th February 2012

Facilitating: Joel Hynes

Report Backs

Overnighters – Thomas

Only four occupiers last night; two visits from council today, some NTCs issued (including for the broom, which was seized) but in general no big problems. POI from Michael stressing radical self-reliance.

Kitchen – Connie

The KWG needs to have a meeting; Moustafa is on strike. Connie has found a table she wants to buy for the kitchen, but needs money.

Logistics – Yikes

Office at Irene’s has been successfully cleaned out.

Education – Joel

EWG is meeting at State Library tomorrow 4pm. Also, there’s a whole bunch of stuff on Friday. POI from Yikes about screening of END:CIV at OccFri.

Media – Joel

OM has been in the media a fair bit this week, as has Doyle talking about OM, using softer language than in the past. Hassle from Council this week is very much a reaction to media coverage. POI from Simon Dicko: Doyle is like a rapist; it doesn’t matter if he’s being hard or soft.

Sam Castro – Direct Action

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement DFAT public consultation meeting mic check action took place this morning. Explanation of TPPA.  Account of action. Actioon was highly successful.

Working Group Proposals

– No WG proposals.

Individual Proposals

– “That the permanent occupation of City Square that commenced on Monday 20th January 2012 is formally recognised and supported as an Occupy Melbourne action.” (from Teigan

– PASSED (unanimously; approx 23 in favour; some abstention)

– “For one day we set up shop at City Square as a ‘Re-Occupy’ event, advertised as such, with structures, etc (disposable ones we can lose), much like Occupy Fridays but once off as a test, and to show we’re still here and strong to MCC and the media.” (from Kenji)

– Free discussion of this. Temperature check. Some support; some dissent.

– Motion by Sam Castro to table proposal until next GA, with additional clause: “This is to be a targeted, strategically planned event, as a vigil over three days, open to all groups, to support James and the Federal Court Case.” – PASSED


– Indy: Teigan has purchased a dedicated phone for the occupation, but it has no credit. Hat passed. $27.45 raised.

– Joel: I’m making a website, with a calendar that everyone can add to. We’re too focussed on Facebook.

– Simon Dicko: Apparently the Facilitation WG no longer exists. Can we start a new one? POI from Joel explaining the background to this situation. Some discussion of this.



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