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For more information, use social media, youtube, vimeo, the occupy together website, individual blogs! The mainstream media is ignoring what is going on, you won’t find any info let alone balanced info through mainstream sources, which are mostly controlled by vested interests who support corporate influence over representative democracy.



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  3. Mo (Mosese Waqa) · ·

    Check out the spread of “occupy wall street” across USA and overseas, including our home city Melbourne, and our Pacific neighbours in Wellington (New Zealand) and Honolulu (Hawaii). It’s TIME TO MAKE OUR DEMOCRACY WORK FOR 99% of the population …

  4. Hi OM team… sorry I couldn’t find many emails to send this to, so please excuse the repeat posts. I hear there is a meeting to discuss a declaration today at 2pm. I’ve drafted something (below) that might provide a useful starting point, knowing full well that many amendments will need to be made to it. I was wondering if this could be forwarded to anyone who you think might be involved in the meeting today? Or print it off and drop it down? Sorry, I can’t be there today, but the declaration is important. Hope this might help.

    All the best,
    Samuel Alexander


    Our movement has arisen because the global economic system that has been created in recent decades is failing humanity and it is failing the planet. It is grossly unjust; it has produced inequalities that are socially and politically corrosive; and it is socially, economically, and ecologically unsustainable.

    Our movement has arisen because our politicians are proving impotent, incapable, or unwilling to do anything other than affirm our broken status quo. Not only is this a profound dereliction of duty; not only are they neglecting their responsibility to act in the best interests of the citizenry and the planet; they are choosing to serve the economic elites whose greed has become pathological and whose power and influence have become patently undemocratic.

    Our movement has arisen, then, because our blood has begun to boil. The threshold of tolerance has long since been crossed and Occupy Melbourne represents our primal scream for a new direction for humanity and a new relationship to nature. We have had enough of the undemocratic, unrepresentative, and unsustainable economy of our times, and we have come here together, in solidarity with the global movement that is currently rising from the ashes of the old world, to say that another world is possible. In fact, we are here to declare that another world has already been born!

    We dream of a sane and humane society, one in which men and women of every community – of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations – have an opportunity to flourish peacefully within the sustainable carrying capacity of our beautiful planet. That is the future of which we dream, and that is the future we are here to create.

    Democracy is an experiment that must be reinvented every generation, according to time, place, and circumstance. We are being challenged to make things new. As a starting point, we raise five fundamental issues that require a political response if we are to create a genuine, inclusive, and sustainable democracy:

    (1) Get money out of politics by fundamentally rethinking campaign financing;
    (2) Create a genuinely free press by fragmenting the huge media conglomerates and placing limits on the size of all media institutions;
    (3) Create a Commission to develop a strategy for moving away from the current debt-based banking system toward a new, more stable banking system;
    (4) Use tax reform to lessen the economic and power inequalities between rich and poor through some limited but significant redistribution of wealth;
    (5) Use some of the proceeds of that tax reform to protect the ecosystems we all rely on to flourish by investing in renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, and local economies.

    These five proposals are not going to solve all our problems, but, if they are taken seriously and shaped into sound policy, they will help create a democracy within which we could solve the great challenges of our age. We acknowledge, however, that it is not enough for us to demand revolutionary reforms from the top down and simply wait until that reform arrives. No – we must begin building the new society at once, at the personal and community levels, irrespective of the political response, or lack thereof. We recognise the role that we, the 99%, play in creating the growth economy that has given rise to our grievances. So we pledge to live our values to best of our ability, by reimagining the good life beyond consumer culture.

    Let us proceed with unshakable conviction: humbly, passionately, and in the spirit of celebration.

  5. Anonymous · ·

    Check out for a decent place to have an in depth discussion beyond the Facebook limitations and random noise.

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