24th General Assembly

Occupy Melbourne 24th General Assembly

7 December 2011

Moderator: Joel
Coordinator: Ali
Participants: Beth, Nick, Arthur
Minutes: Jane

Working Group Report backs

First aid working group

Supporting person who was just arrested.
Pamphlets about supporting women who have been assaulted by institutional racism and assaults such as the one on Sarah yesterday.

Feminist working group

Fri 7pm Creative action meeting
Sun 2pm Discussion: What is feminism? All welcome

Education working group

Yesterday: Melb Free Uni lecture on Human rights and democracy.
Every Tuesday at City Square.
Saturday 3pm Discussion on Money and economy

Media working group

A lot of coverage, mostly re tent monsters and Sarah seeking injunction
Citizen journalism and media liaise workshops soon
Be a keyboard warrior – eg. post on every Occupy website and on the police website
Weekly meeting Media working group Saturdays 2.30pm
See Facebook, Twitter, website.

Declaration working group

Next meeting starting Flagstaff Gardens at 5pm and then go somewhere else.
Sunday meeting on declaration decided that several options will be drafted and considered
Sunday fortnight another special meeting on the declaration.


Logistics working group

Hexiyurt project. 8ft by 16 ft – can be disassembled very fast . Speak to the Baron.

Women occupiers group

Have had one meeting. Next Sunday 11am. Focus is on creating a safe space for women at Occupy.

Working Group Proposals


Individual Proposals

1. Richard: Affirm the principle of non-violence.

Particular concerns anyone hitting police. Non-violence gains it’s power from remaining non-violence in the face of violence.Clarification that this includes not being verbally abusive. Question whether council property is included. Richard clarified that if you threaten someone while damaging their property this is seen as violence. Clarified that we are re-affirming the principle. Clarification re self-defence; suggested that self-defence is acceptable. Not clear. Restated this is just a general endorsement of the principle.

Two against – one stood aside – suggested amendment to explicitly exclude vandalism – violence against property . Defeated with more than 90% against.

Original proposal was passed by consensus.

2. Nick: Prosed that we return the Gordon Reserve Triangle and re-build infrastructure and hold and defend the triangle.

Locational analysis done on a number of sites and it is the best. Legal status of triangle is Crown Land same as Treasury Gardens which has a different legal status to here – which is a reserve (no notice to comply needed) and City Square which is council property. Almost every piece of park is an evacuation point so this is not a problem. G20 and S11 activists say it is easier to patrol and defend.

Did not quite achieve 50%.

3. Sean proposes comedy fund raiser at Trades Hall soon.

Passed by consensus.

4. Davina proposes that we consider encouraging people to make all arrests from now on – tents etc – hilarious…. wherever possible.

All supported except one person. Then increasing number of dissenters based on concerns about whether this is always appropriate. Amended to Where ever appropriate we will make arrests hilarious.

Passed by consensus.

5. Mustafa: Apologised and requested return to facilitator of kitchen and that the kitchen be run by the kitchen working group.

Suggested to defer decision till others involved are percent – to take some more time. Clarified that it is role of facilitation, delegation not one person dictating.

Proposal that Mustafa return to kitchen as facilitator did not achieve 90% support.

No debate – agreement – that Mustafa is welcome back. Procedural proposal that his role to be decided by occupiers working group or kitchen working group. Passed with more than 66% (Procedural threshold).

6. Baron: Would like to propose a model of non-violence and have a discussion of non-violence for at least half an hour.

Meeting extended till 8.30 for this.


  • Declare Saturday International Wear a Tent for Human Rights Day – National Tent Monster day
  • Watch #Omel #tentmonsters
  • Tent fashion protest on Saturday 2-5pm starting Flagstaff Gardens.
  • Human Rights day – may involve flash mob or march
  • Tues 7pm sharp! Cit Square Melbourne Free University: Climate Change and the Occupy movement
  • CFMEU reluctant to support but big article in their newspaper. Still working on ANFCommunity Outreach and union working working group. Not sure what they are doing . Need to establish another community outreach WG?

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