27th General Assembly

Occupy Melbourne 27th General Assembly Minutes,

December 17 2011


Facilitation Team

Moderator: Kate

Co-Moderator: Paul

Participants Team: Marian, Beth

Time Keeper: Kade

Minutes: Joel

Acknowledgement that we are on Aboriginal land and sovereignty has never been ceded.
Explanation of process and hand signals.

Proposed Agenda:

ñ Working Group Report Backs

ñ Individual Proposals

ñ Announcements

Proposal (Procedural): For discussion regarding meeting with Robert Doyle, to occur before Individual Proposals. PASSED.

Working Group Report Backs –


Overnight Occupiers:

ñ Time Magazine person of the year was ‘The Protester’

ñ Acknowledgement of diversity of challenges world-wide and their contexts;
The challenge faced within Occupy Melbourne is fatigue – overnight occupying is difficult, strenuous

ñ The Melbourne Homeless community have been politcising their own situation. They had established their own camp in Treasury Gardens, with signings calling themselves ‘The Homeless Collective’. In recent days this site was broken up by police.

ñ Call for support – more occupiers needed on site.


ñ Call for support – need more people reporting from the Occupation Site, utilizing their smartphones.

ñ Public media interest has been intermittent, important for OM to generate their own media, TentMonster was an example of this.

ñ Direct Actions – More needed in order to generate media attention, to demonstrate we are continually protesting, to agitate the system.

ñ Coming up: Citizen Journalism workshops

      First Aid and Care:

ñ Reminder of issues around Activist burnout – Flyers available from info desk.

ñ Upcoming: Workshop “Burnout is a bitch” – Thur 22/12

ñ Event: Funky Funk Dance Event – Important for our health, moment of downtime offsite.
Tonight (Sat 17/12) – 7pm – Yarraville. See First Aid for more details.


ñ Report from Melbourne Free University – wants to see larger crowd in attendance, show support to an organization that is very supportive of Occupy Melbourne.

ñ Info Sheets – continuing to be developed.

ñ Working on developing peoples skills for the info desk

ñ Seeking to engage the public face-to-face more

ñ Call for experts and educators: To speak and educate on topics and issues.

ñ Next Working Group meeting: 12.30pm SUN 18/12 (At Occupation Site)


ñ Generating good response from Public

ñ Call for assistance – need more people to man the desk.

ñ OM Calendar:  Located at Info Desk and also on OccupyMelbourne.Org


ñ Next Working Group Meeting: 12pm Sat 24/12 (at Occupation Site)

ñ Draft Process Document – Presented to GA. Outlines the current process and upcoming draft processes to be propsed. Will be placed online – seeking feedback. Give feedback either at next Working Group meeting, or make an amendment when the new processes are proposed to assembly

ñ Call for assistance – Need more people to be involved

Feminist Discussion Group

ñ Next discussion: 2pm Sunday “Woman in History”, some people will be giving presentations

Alternative Declaration Working Group

ñ 2 drafts weredistributed by Arthur to everybody at the General Assembly, additional  drafts are also featured on the Declaration Websites

ñ Next meeting: Special Assembly – 3pm SUN 18/12  (At Occupation Site)

Discussion –

In response to a radio segment featuring Robert Doyle talking about Occupy Melbourne,

a discussion was held within the GA.

Individual Proposals –

Proposal 1. To hold the next General Assembly upon the steps of the State Parliament on Spring St.
PROPOSAL TABLED (Raised as procedural proposal, due to time constraints)


Announcements –


ñ Event: Demonstration against Insightech (imports Phosphate from West Sahara. West Sahara is a territory ‘occupied’ by Morocco’..
Tue 1pm-2pm, Outside Melbourne Convention Centre.

ñ Occupy 2.0 – Call to form a working group – Seeking committed individuals who want to talk strategy

ñ Event: Funky Funk Dance Event –
Tonight (Sat 17/12) – 7pm – Yarraville. See First Aid for more details.

ñ Information handed out by Nick regarding Direct Democracy in Spain.

ñ Please ensure we advocate and sustain safer spaces – put it into action
(Response from member of 1st Aid: Developing safer spaces takes time and on-going education)

ñ “We should be connecting to political groups”

GA Closed.


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