9th General Assembly

9th General Assembly – Minutes 29/10/11 – Treasury Gardens

Jeff            This meeting is to form a consensus.

Jeff             Do we stay at Treasury Gardens? Alternatives proffered are Bowen Lane at RMIT or Edinburgh Gardens in the City of Yarra. All three are viable options.

James            Community concerns at Edinburgh Gardens, conflicts can develop with residents; have been examined by logistics teams.

Police attention if you have camping equipment, tents, pillows etc. with you; please leave with Logistics team to prevent attention.

Respect the land and property we are on no littering, keep safe.

Call for donations and food donations.

Erin             (Legal team) Pamphlets are circulating saying no camping, including signs tied to trees.

James            What information do we have on Bowen Lane? Council have given authority to police. Put up hands if you want to discuss.

Crowd responds positively. Agreement each venue will have three speakers.

Steven              (CMFEU and Councillor with city of Yarra) The rank and file of the CMFEU have passed a unanimous motion of support for OM and to slam the Police and Robert Doyle for their actions on Friday 21/10/11. We suggest we put out a leaflet to every worker in the CBD regarding what OM is about and what they need to do to support the movement.

We can offer logistic support, all building sites have strong union support and all support OM. Huge support base, we recommend we stay Bowen Lane in the Central Business District. CMFEU has 29 thousand members. Secretary of CMFEU, seconded by assistant Secretary of CMFEU, mooted the motion.

Elizabeth            Recommends Treasury Gardens, this is the best position we are visible to CBD workers, they can participate at lunchtime and there is easy access to transport.

Davey            (Rank and File CMFEU) Recommends Bowen Lane. Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians. Bowen Lane is special to Indigenous people, which is a good reason to stay here.

Loretta            Recommends Edinburgh Gardens, lots of places for congregations, BBQ’s, Skate park, very large venue, does not think it would be very disturbing, open minded communities around.

Melanie            Recommends Treasury Gardens, changes mind about speaking.

Irinmni            (name means peace) Recommends Treasury Gardens. Father worked with David Suzuki at the UN, says exchange for change, unite for a greater cause, we should stay at Treasury Gardens.

Cathy            Recommends Bowen Lane. Represents parents, kids working group. There are safety risks at Treasury and Edinburgh Gardens. We need to get as many people as possible. We need to be heard and we need to be central, I propose we decide now and then march there.

Cath            Recommends Edinburgh Gardens and says we have Council Support. Crowd says No we do not have Council Support. Cath says I’m talking shit then, crowd gives positive support.

John             Recommends Treasury Gardens, which is symbolic of a grass roots democracy movement, the position is right next to Parliament House, we need to stay in the Central Business District, recommends here (Treasury Gardens) or Bowen Lane, we must not block people access. People can turn up and speak about their concerns.

Jeff            Please put up your hand for each venue. Crowd responds with minority support for Treasury Gardens, minimal support for Edinburgh Gardens, majority support for Bowen Place.

Jeff            We have majority support for Bowen Place but it is not a 100 percent support.

Sam            (National union of workers) Recommends Bowen Lane. We need more people; we are visible in the CBD. Police can only come on to the premises at the invitation of the Vice Chancellor.

Darcy            Recommends Treasury Gardens. We should stay here, if we keep moving they will keep moving us on.

Lynn            Recommends Bowen Lane. We need to establish a camp. We must be welcoming and safe. RMIT has lots of arty and creative people around; there is a huge student union membership. This is a central position.

?            Recommends Treasury Gardens. We should stay on Koori Land

?            (Police Liaison) Recommends Edinburgh Gardens, gives indication that police are happy with this decision.  March is ok. No information on Bowen Lane, this could change with more information, there is no indication that we cannot enter.

Show of hands, Crowd supports Bowen Lane

Jeff            Looking for 100 per cent consensus.

Crowd says that 90 per cent consensus is a majority and that this decision was made at the last General Assembly.

Nicola            Please support and respect the facilitators

Yellow             Bowen Lane has multiple entrances and exits. There are toilets, a grass area, and a cafeteria.

Facilitator            Can we get a 100 percent consensus? Are there any strong objections?

Jeff            Who is in favour of going to Bowen Lane now? This is a strategic move, we should go before the Police mobilise.

Crowd agrees by a show of hands to march to Bowen Lane now.

Yellow             We need to check if we have clear access, it access is blocked we should reconvene at the State Library for a continuation of the General Assembly.

[Bowen Lane minutes yet to be gathered]


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