4th General Assembly

4th General Assembly – Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dario – speaker from Milan

Report on violent protests in Rome on Saturday 15th October 2011

Explanation of process

Facilitation team announce political affiliations

Proposal that we spend a minute talking to the person next to us about our vision for the camp, and then spend half an hour presenting different ideas

Speakers called for and against

James speaks against

Purpose of assembly is to pass decisions, time to sort out ideas is beforehand. Questions idea of productivity. Not appropriate or general assembly

Paul speaks for

Old habits die hard. This would be a good start to the process.

Vote taken – consensus not reached


The meeting of the economics discussion group from Monday will now be held at 4:30pm Wednesday 19 october 2011 – website omeconomicdiscussion.wordpress.com

Group hug

Reports back from working groups

Indigenous working group

Has information about campaigns

outdoor indigenous film festival starting on Saturday at 8:30 with special guests

Saturday – our generation

Sunday – bastardy

Monday – wrong side of the road

Promotions group


We need more people for promotions

Proposal to spread news in suburbs, posters to Brunswick or Footscray or other places, volunteers called for

Educational workshops during the day – call for instructors in art, permaculture, self-sufficiency etc

Call for graphic designers

Note – area is alcohol and illicit drug free

Education group


Report from second meeting.

Have started to build education centre

Spanish classes, yoga, economics and indigenous iissues classed are running

Announcement from kitchen group


permaculture food empowerment workshops will be run

community and union liaison


“towers of power” march to happen on Friday 20 october

maritime union, ETU, CPU, CFMEU, unite, IWW

leaflets are being made to be distributed at march on friday

close to reaching consensus on three sites to visit – ANZ, Australia Post, BHP

first aid group

request for any volunteers with medical training

media and police liaison


we have a commitment from the police that they won’t be evicting us for at least a couple of days. We are maintaining a good relation with police and authorities

“can we reciprocate that we won’t evict them for a couple of days either”

The Queen is arriving next week, police are happy if we demonstrate as long as we remain peaceful and don’t do anything stupid

Request for anyone with experience talking to media, or public speaking.

Report on need for a media centre needing to be built

Report on 15 minute successful live stream from evening of Monday 17 october 2011

Public and media perception of the camp is a worry because outside media have expressed that we seem to be hippies just sitting around banging drums. We need to reach out to the broader community.

Direct media on site to people wearing pink arm bands

Individual proposals



That we declare ourselves unequivocally against all existing and future “austerity programs” of the world’s governments and

Send it’s love and solidarity to all people currently fighting against austerity programs, both inside and outside the global occupation movement via the appropriate channels

Passed by unanimous

Kids and parents working group

Report back

Want to get children’s activities happening on the weekend, notice has been put up for sugestions

Call for volunteers to help co-ordinate

Positive feedback on occupied wall street school


Proposal to have a n aboriginal walking tour on streets on Thursday 19th October 2011 from 4pm to 5:30pm

Report from Robbie Thorpe who gives examples of how the streets of Melbourne are named after genocidal murderers.

Will be a walking protest handing out flyers. About education not aggravation

Passed unanimously


Works for friends of the earth (politics)

Proposal to set up an internet radio station where anybody is free to record a podcast to create a record that can go out to the world on what we want to say

Like to have something in place where ordinary people can become spokespeople to the media on various subjects.

Passed by consensus


Bring the plight to the homeless people

How about we all help the homeless people who are stuck living on the streets

Proposal that we declare in solidarity with the homeless

Passed by consensus


Proposal that we compile a list of grievances

Action – to media team

Shannon talks to idea, report on media working group

Vote taken, dissent shown

Passed by consensus


Note about rubbish and overflowing bins

Proposal to take personal responsibility for rubbish

Passed by consensus


From socialist alternative

Proposal – That we call for people in the unions to put proposals to their unions for statements of solidarity with occupy Melbourne

Delegate of NTU branch committee welcomes occupy wall street movement


Representative of CFMEU

Proposal that we declare solidarity with CFMEU against ABCC

Declare solidarity with unions

Support of construction unions specifically

Passed by consensus


Proposal – That we resume the discussion that we sort out a list of general demands

If we can’t tell people what we want, then they won’t listen to us

Dissent shown

Speakers for and against called

Speaker against

Wasn’t enough of a feeling to support that

James speaks for

The motion is ONLY that we resume the discussion. It is not something to be decided by subcommittee

Jeremy speaks against

A working group has just been set up for this exact process

Vote taken

Consensus not reached


Proposal that emotional education should be part of the curriculum from ages 5 to 15

Dissent shown

Speaks against

Current Victorian curriculum does include emotional components

Andrew Speaks for

There’s more to life that money

Vote taken – consensus not reached


Proposal to endorse

Rally on dec 3 in Sydney against homophobia

sex agenda diversity conference Friday dec 2 in Sydney

Sunday dec 4 general assembly – marriage conference

Passed by consensus



Note – breakfast from 7 to 10

Lunch 1 – 3

Dinner 7 to 10

Volunteers called for

Wants to continue to expand

Will run workshops on knitting, composting, etc


Proposal that we have minimal to no swearing at general assembly

Dissent shown

Speakers against

Seems to be a beurocratic control

Speaker for

There are legitimate fines for public indecency

Speaker against

Language is formed by upbringing. We should not be using the same rules as the government

Speaker for

Swearing not necessary to convey a message

Censoring is ridiculous

Vote taken

Consensus not shown

Direct Action

Report from franca

Tomorrow – walk to Circo – gather at 12:15 at city square to start at 1pm



Endorse national day of opposition to bhp on Thursday 20 october 2011

BHP AGM opposition

Proposal that occupymelbourne

Passed by consensus


Proposal that the government take a more active role in investigating and acting on the situation affecting the homeless and mentally ill

Passed by consensus

Rally for mentally ill people on 30 october – check facebook


Proposal that occupy melbourne request a clear outline of all tasks carried out by each working group that are then ratified by general assembly

Report back tomorrow with a list of tasks specific to their mandate

Passed by consensus

Announcement from promotions


Security people have said that anyone staying tonight music attend security and safety briefing

AVAAZ wants to put OM on live feed

Seedlings have been donated, we can start a farm

Promotions meeting 12:30pm Wednesday 19

First aid and info looking for volunteers


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    you guys should occupy a shower!

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