5th General Assembly

Wednesday 19th October 2011

There are rumours circulating about eviction, discussion of this as well as proposals


Always was, always will be aboriginal land. Thanks to the elders

Have got media attention growing movement there are cameras we are under scrutiny be mindful when speaking important to reaffirm decision very strong commit to non violence.

Peaceful occupation of space.

Intro facilitation team.

We use a consensus and like to hear as many voices as possible permission to prioritise eviction rumours and address concerns people happy?

In order to be transparent say if there is a political or party affiliation.

Proposal indicate to participants team Jess: greens, Ricky no affiliation, Rachael  from SA. Nicola no affiliation. When you have a proposal indicate with hand and participants team will get make sure it is a clear proposal. Things may be moved to working group they bring things up and get filtered by people here that are similar. Carl no affiliation.  Holly no affiliation, Cobina autonomous activist.

Talk through issues with discuss around eviction from 6.15 to 7pm in order to give all info best to hear reports from representative of media group on dialogue with police and council and discussion doc from eviction group and then a clear legal briefing, talk as group and work out what to do shall we??? YES

Cobina on comments about eviction in media. Following twitter 3AW tweeting about cafes being upset investigated by speaking to café asked if he had problems, he had no problems (Brunettis ) they kept going till they had a quote that takings were down a little at lunch and we are somehow harming local businesses so watch out in local media business have been spoken to and happy with us. We are liaising with business, scoping potential donation website to allow people to donate coffee to occupiers via affected cafes –  make it a win win situation.

No questions at this time there was also some info we are trying to gather info with the police Nick reporting Manu current position : Police liaison feedback is that everything is quite beautiful excellent relationships firm handshake plenty of notice should they decide they are 99 they have wage issues going on they aren’t US or Britain they are Melbourne – they look after us they doing a superb job communications are clear the important thing is structures not permitted we have grace we are here under undertaking fluid and flexible nothing to worry about as far as violence they have given assurances they won’t harm us.

Read proposal to hear this out. Helpful for eviction debate some thing further Sarah: (document)

With that in mind we’ve got an outlay of legal scenarios Ricky to read then open up for discussion.

This might sound generic 3 people wrote it. In regards to laws and penalties (Ricky reads long legal document)

Thanks for that info available at tent and can ask questions there later.

Legal workshop at 10.30 am

Main questions bear in mind your choice is a personal choice. This proposal is about us as a movement. Do we want to maintain a non violent occupations. UNANIOMOUS!! NON VIOLENT.

Couple of proposals related from indigenous and legal

Coby proud homosexual, Indigenous man – we have been recognised as sovereignties it is still our land we are inviting you to stay with us they took it once they wont take it again. Support.


Skelton behalf of legal otherwise unaffiliated (document) we commit to the unconditional support and solidarity to any people arrested or given infringements in the context of occupying city square for occupy Melbourne or as a result of other occupy Melbourne protest actions.

Daniel speaking against:

Clarification from legal first: unconditional means acknowledges the fact that spectrum of non violence is broad can be debated at future point but important we have solidarity or we are unlikely to succeed in our aims.

Restate proposal bearing in mind commitment  to no violence and peaceful protest we agree to stand together.

Ammended proposal any dissent? Yes

Daniel (Against)

No masks in front of police

Amy (For)

For proposal if arrested for violence if they actually did instigate those people should not receive legal solidarity, don’t support trouble makers – support  activists.

Bashti from social alternative

Should be basic right for access to legal support should not trust police to make judgement about violence their job is to enforce the right of private property and that is why they are talking to businesses and why having a patronising conversation with us. Don’t trust police. Role of police is to enforce rule of minority and to keep status quo in favour of 1%.

Amended proposal: bearing in mind our already stated we provide legal  support?

2 dissents, but that is passed.

Eviction working group at 8.30pm where we can put further eviction/legal proposals.

Yes we identify as a movement and broadly support staying and have been invited by the traditional owners of this land. Who will be staying if we are evicted. More than half attendees indicated

1 more eviction proposal: if we do get evicted that we organise a demonstration to come back to the square.  Return the day after evicted and show no intimidation.  There will be a working group formed to decide at the time. Support?  UNANIMOUS

1 more eviction proposal: im Jerome non affiliated. Assets is kitchen. Greatest publicity. Should police come here with intent of removing kitchen, offer to feed them if doesn’t work those of us who are willing to blockade kitchen and will have milk and water ready for capsicum spray. Police, people?  About 30 people to stay.

Uncle Robby Thorpe is doing tour of indigenous sites Sunday cinema showing about NT intervention and genocide. (Toby)

Direct action working group: Sue and Jane. Mention all day time actions success today’s action to SIRCO on sit down at Bourke st mall cops behaved different brought extra cops to push and provoke connected to Robert Doyle wanting to move us along no arrests but more cops to move people on. Support an BHP action voted yesterday, meet at 11.30 tomorrow for that. Unanimous peaceful eviction. Consult indigenous working group about an appropriate welcome to the queen. Invite people to working group. Jane proposal for Monday VCAT ‘hrl’ power plant at Morwell brown coal expansion for export 100mil from fed and … from state. Leave here at 12 to join VCAT. Support? Unanimous

Each group keep to 2 minutes.

Jeff from logistics working group: we are receiving donation and distribute and problem solve material issues. Bedding etc. Success! Downside need more able bodies to be logistics for the day. Running around problem solving on the ground proposal: at 10am we run camp survey open to any one we survey the site and discuss issues about space tentage throughout area and material needs of the community. Community supports camp survey to ask tents to be moved to accommodate more people. Support? Unanimous 10 am everyone welcome

Petition going around as well please sign it is to oppose being evicted.

Erin from first aid: reminder that it is warm sunscreen hats water. Can get from first aid, kitchen. Drug alcohol free site. Guy taken in ambulance come to us we will look after you.

Education proposals from the Baron: trying to encourage people in and out of square to develop knowledge and power in the issues we are here for. ….. tomorrow want people from all over the camp to come to Education Working Group to bring ideas for topics to learn or teach at lunch times to teach the public about things pertinent. 12pm – 1pm lunchtime session will need quiet and deep dive later on  proposal is deep dive and education sessions daily . No need to come to consensus.

Michael from the kitchen!

Yay we love the kitchen!!! Alot of stuff to get done for oh&s standards for longevity and community support. 10.30 close kitchen for couple hours and get it set up. Help by keeping people away from kitchen. 1030-12. Kitchen closed.


Arts and culture working group : no affiliation. Would love some help talk after assembly. Propose a festival from 12 till 10 on Saturday to raise our profile and create a welcoming atmosphere for the public with indigenous film festival as centrepiece. If want to perform names and numbers at info desk. Support? Unanimous.

Economic discussion working group: details on Facebook and webpage. We discuss economic  issues meeting at Friday 5pm wealth and the economy ant the economic crisis there to educate each other and learn participate. All welcome. 5pm at the water wall.


We covered media in the first part and we control the outcome we can use social media. Put out press release. $2000 donation from writer contest. If you have stories come to the media tent come and tell media. Take responsibility for the outcome of the occupation. Let our friends and family know.  Anyway, GAME ON!

Working Group Report Backs:


re minutes taking. Working groups responsible for minuting their own meetings and publicity them ASAP. Support?  Readjust.. just write down actual  decisions. Support? Unanimous.

Promotional working group

to make an A1 poster for the indigenous tent adverting tour taking place tomorrow.


To make trips to inner city suburbs to put posters up, come see afterwards. Get more people to come to workgroup meetings.

Individual proposals:

Any not gotten to will be recorded and read tomorrow.

Bec from permaculture

Permaculture in action festival to held here on Friday from 11 til 5 with active workshops on catching …get paper…potting mix seeds pots at home to donate please do looking for people with expertise to run workshop.  I would like to propose a permaculture in action open festival to be held here at occupy Melbourne  site to be held here Friday from 11am to 5pm active discussions and hands on workshops.

I also propose setting up a propogation table so we can hand out tree seedlings to the public as a way to integrate rather than segregate and strengthen our hold here on site. Support? Unanimous

Clarification on minutes. Legal and minutes have discussed and legal don’t have to put minutes in for legal reasons.

Detective of perspective proposal: I am into naked truth (takes off coat) naked bike ride event relations  with police good,  we propose naked bike ride to raise profile of our cause. Biktivism, body image. Naked bike ride under banner of Occupy Melbourne as our action. Sunday  at 5pm. Dissent? Yes

Sarah for against: acknowledge presence of naked man might make some people feel uncomfortable. It is intense and controversial. Make sure we don’t make each other feel uncomfortable.  To feel safe and respected in this space not against ride, just other peoples uncomfortablility around nudeness.

Baron against: I love the bike ride but I don’t believe part of our agenda it isn’t fully relevant majority of people are more physically able to endorse this. Be aware of public image. Nudity has nothing to do with it.

Support to be under banner? Not passed under banner, but as autonomous  welcome to arrange.

Coby: do we support equal marriage. Support? Unanimous

Tina: healing working group for meditation, massage, anything you can offer meeting at info desk after General Assembly to discuss making this a more relaxed environment.

Johnno: response to list of demands. Establish a working group to work on constitution version 2. People to see Johnno afterwards as a group may have already been created.

Chris from coal campaign: drawing attention to new campaign govt continues to dig up coal for local use as well as export. Proposal is to get on board and stop coal mining in Bacchus Marsh. Support? Unanimous.

Amy: service announcement about women’s safety. Take a bathroom buddy. Look after each other. Make this a safe neutral space, respect and look after each other. Everybody spoon someone else.

Kat: a few days ago we decided there was no drugs or alcohol on this whole site. Lets not waste an opportunity by breaking this law. Don’t get drunk here. Do whatever you want outside.

Eddie: if anyone gets infringement fines a company called ‘filch’ that he will talk about at the legal workshop at 10 am.

Putting out media release to counter bad media. Can all workgroups please see media to talk about amazing things we are doing.

Mel: Prize percipient/donator speaks. Mel, making fabulous donation. I am not a hero, just doing the right thing for the movement. I couldn’t in good forth accept an award who has given the state authority carte blanche to get rid of us I want it used as a vehicle for social change there has been a lot of people who have refused awards to protest against powers.  People using authority …….

The Baron: we want to be as inclusive as possible, so be mindful of the image we are portraying. Make sure everyone feels welcome, lets not alienate anyone.

Ends with song from choir.


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