26th General Assembly

Occupy Melbourne 26th General Assembly, 14 December 2011 Minutes

Facilitation Team
Moderator: Joel
Co-Moderator: Jess
Co-Ordinator: Nicola
Participants: Beth, Kev
Minutes: Kate
Time-Keeper: Julia

Acknowledgment that we are on Aboriginal land and sovereignty has never been ceded.
Explanation of process and hand signals.

Proposed Agenda

  • Working Group report backs
  • Individual Proposals
  • Announcements

Nb. No working group proposals were put.

Working Group report backs

First Aid and Care

Positive feedback from Saturday’s tent rally in support and solidarity of sisters within the movement, specifically the incident when a female occupier had her tent clothing removed by police officers. This incident was linked to a mic check about rape culture. 250 pamphlets relating to these issues were printed and given out.

Overnight Occupiers

Saturday was a rough night with thunder rain and incidents of violence, which resulted in the police being called. Since then there were no police or Council until the Council returned on Monday and the police returned today. Their presence has been noted to be less invasive. No notices to comply have been issued but lots of photographs have been taken of the kitchen on wheels.

Inter-working group

Report from meeting held 3pm 11/12:

  • Well attended
  • Main issues discussed were around safety and creating safer spaces within Occupy Melbourne
  • All working groups in attendance left the meeting with points to action


  • Disposable cutlery and crockery are getting chucked out rather than washed up. The Kitchen WG would like people to bring their own cutlery and crockery and be responsible for it.
  • Funds are scarce; food and cash donations will be gratefully received and used for food, fuel and cleaning supplies. 


  • An individual involved in the Media WG reported on a conversation he had with a pictorial editor of the Herald Sun. It was suggested that future direct actions be held on Sunday for the Monday paper. A comment from the group was that we be wary of media cycles and playing into their needs.
  • Citizen journalism courses will be run in the near future. Keep your eyes on the website calendar and information about them will also be disseminated on-site. People are encouraged to use Twitter, Facebook and other social media. 

Alternative Declaration

  • Some alternative declarations have been written and two were passed out to the group. They can be accessed on the website via a link in the declaration working group page. The alternative declarations will be proposed at Sunday’s Special Assembly.

Further info: http://altdecs.wordpress.com/ and  http://omdwg.wordpress.com/

  • Declaration Special Assembly: Sun 18/12 3pm at Occupation Site


  • Event: Socialist Alternative and Refugee Action Collective will be holding a vigil with 4000 candles to represent the number of refugees detained. People are encouraged to participate.  Further details at the information desk.
    Thur 15/12 8.30pm (at City Square)
  • Seeking interest: Starting a working group in conjunction with/ following conversation with Robbie Thorp to design a new flag for Australia. Contact Indy if you’d like to be involved.
  • Seeking interest: Individual Rights working group encompassing things such as fertility and euthanasia. Contact Indy
  • Cards are being made to take to the Tent Embassy in Canberra and Occupy Sydney. They are leaving tonight so please see them after the meeting.

Working Group Proposals

Individual Proposals

Proposal 1: That Occupy Melbourne relocate to Gordon Reserve.


Proposal 2: Proposal relating to the use of butane. Proposal later refined to ‘The General Assembly supports the kitchen to use the most sustainable cooking fuel possible within financial means.’

PASSED – 100%

Proposal 3: That Occupy Melbourne messaging around Christmas is positive, supporting the values of Christmas but rejecting consumerism.

PASSED – 90%

Proposal 4: That an opt-in sleeping roster be created for the Christmas period.

PASSED – 100%

Proposal 5: That Occupy Melbourne host a community meal on Christmas Day.

PASSED – 100% 

Proposal 6: That Occupy Melbourne is an unaffiliated movement which does not support signage from political parties or the selling of merchandise at OM spaces.


Amended Proposal 6.‘Occupy Melbourne is not affiliated with any political party’.

PASSED – 90%

Proposal 7: That between Christmas and New Year if there are any direct actions that they are harmonious not just protests.

A decision was made by the General Assembly not to discuss this proposal due to time constraints.

Announcements (additional)

Direct Action –

  • Call for involvement: More people required as some regular members are currently away on holidays.
  •  Direct Action: Insight Tech Ltd Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    Monday 19/12 2 PM at Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre (Jeff’s Shed). Insight Tech imports phosphate from the occupied land of the Western Saharans.
  • Direct Action: Fri Night 16/12. Please get involved via link on the website.
  • James Muldoon, litigant, legal case: Papers filed today after 11 hours at the office
    Directions Hearing, people welcome to attend.
    Fri 16/12 9:30 AM Friday. Federal Court (Opposite Flagstaff Site).
    Trial timeline should be available on Saturday
  • Kitchen: Please pick up your dirty dishes and other rubbish before you go
  • Overnight Occupiers: processes for General Assembly may be unclear to some people, perhaps laminated info sheets could be made. Also, a small group of people are taking extreme risks to their health and safety and would have a voice as much as anybody else.
  • Visitor from Occupy Sydney: Brought some costumes for us to use including elf hat made from telecoms wire and dresses made from ties for possible use in potential direct action.
  • Event: Pre-GA talk on Peak Oil and Alternative Energy. Sat 17/12 3pm (at Occupation Site)
  • Facilitation Working Group: Meeting Sat17/12 12 PM (At Occupation Site)

GA closed


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