33rd General Assembly

33rd Occupy Melbourne General Assembly
7th of January, 2012

Facilitators: Beth, Joel, Lutz, Sebastian
Minutes by Nick

[Facilitation runs through process, hand signals and passes default agenda]

Working Groups Report Backs:

Media Working Group
Have experienced slight increase in commercial media attention around Father Bob, such as A Current Affair, be mindful of media arriving on site. Have compiled a survey, getting a fantastic response.

Education Working Group
Want to develop facts for chalking and engaging with passers by, film night, looking to run discussion groups with speakers.

First Aid & Care Working Group
Hydration, sunscreen, there were some health and safety issues around clutter and rubbish. Two cuts, one burn, also fed some people. Stress radical self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

Occupy Friday Committee
Will have planning meetings at 1pm every Saturday at City Square. At the meeting this afternoon proposals passed included defining areas and creating a map to show these areas. Established better communications within the Occupy Friday committee. Encouraged Working Groups to get involved during Occupy Friday. Correct hashtag is #OccupyFri.

Kitchen Working Group
Require more volunteers, need a team of people to help collect discarded produce from Victoria Markets. Received donations from several community groups and members of the public. Leave food handling to the Kitchen WG so sanitation can be ensured for basic public health and safety. Will be establishing a roster. Need more volunteers.

Info Desk Working Group
Currently being revitalised. Suggested a meeting tme of 5:30pm at City Squre on Fridays during Occupy Fridays. Will be working with Education to create fact sheets for passers by.

Feminist Working Group
Will begin meetings again at ……..?

Facilitation Working Group
Introduced 51% vote for procedural motions. Have started meeting again in 2012, further refining the process for the OMEL GA. Meetings will be midday Saturdays. Will also be producing flow charts.

Working Group Proposals

Direct Action Working Group
Occupy Melbourne endorses Occupy Art international day of action for February 12: PASSED unanimously.

Direct Action will liaise with the Occupy Melbourne Arts & Culture Committee for Occupy Art. Twitter hashtag is #F12.

Individual Proposals:

All money rising into the donations box be suspended until a system for accountability is established.

Point of Information, Scott:
Some labels have been changed, but not far from their original labelling, ex: Renewable Energy was changed to Sustainable Energy.

No consensus.

[Speakers for and against taken]

Amendment from Nick to create a Treasury Working Group rejected by the proposer. Proposer decides to table proposal to bring back at another GA.

Individual proposal from Wil:
Occupy Melbourne organise a rally in front of Martin Ferguson’s office to be clarified by a group to meet after the GA in conjunction with Direct Action WG: PASSED unanimously


Izzy from Combat Wombat was involved in a car accident that killed her partner, please contact .

Saturday the 11th of February 11am outside the old GPO to remember Mr. Briscoe who was beaten by 5 police officers and all who have died in coustardy.

Connie: Wants people to stop being refused food, be they homeless or indigenous people.

Occupy Wellington facilitates a Skype discussion between 20 occupations from 6pm-9pm NZ time which is 4-7 Melbourne time. Email: Helen.p.cox@gmail.com for

Sebastian: Is creating an Occupy Melbourne Sports Group, see Sebastian.

Procedural motion to stop using people’s mic: Not Passed

Dave: Monday morning there will be a Corporate Zombie Slave Clown flash mob, to leave HQ at 7am Monday morning.

Gaye: There will be a join meeting between Direct Action and the Arts & Culture committee to organise for #F12 Occupy Art day of action.

Nick: Will be holding a People’s Mic Workshop at next Occupy Friday, see calendar

Joel: Facilitation again putting out the call for more people to get involved in Facilitation WG.

Beth: Will be holding a Facilitation training session at 4pm on Friday at City Square.

Assembly closed.


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