8th General Assembly

Occupy Melbourne’s 8th General Assembly

State Library of Melbourne

Tuesday 25th October 2011  6pm

Facilitation Team

Jess- moderator

James – moderator support

Steph – co-ordinator

Participants Team

Jack, Amy, Ben, Nic, Karl


A. Working Groups Report Back and Proposals

  1. Debrief Working Group, Sarah Harma

Acknowledge impacts of Friday’s violence in order to stay united and sustainable. Report back and collective debrief on the impact of the potential trauma of the events of Friday. The events could have had a deep psychological impact on those present. The presence of the police shows that the movement is seen as a threat by those in power. We need to look out for one another and stay united. Trauma is the result of the disruption of the beliefs we hold including the proper role of a police officer and the potential for violence and ideas about safety and freedom within our community. Symptoms of trauma include:

Difficulty sleeping, nightmares

alcohol drugs, anxiety, anger, grief, irritability, guilt, shame, denial, overwhelmed, fear. Post traumatic stress which lasts longer than a month and disrupts your normal functioning should be taken seriously. Refer to handouts for strategies. There are workshops planned during the week.

  1. Indigenous Working Group, Viv, Robbie, Coby

There is a parallel between the events of Friday and happened two hundred of years ago. This violence against indigenous Australians has not stopped. We must seek truth about the history of colonization. We have been fighting for a long time for the same thing you are now fighting for. We can’t do it alone.

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne recognise the custodianship and true sovereignty of the indigenous people and stand beside them in fighting for a treaty.


  1. Legal Working Group, Sara

The legal working group aims to inform and empower the movement through facilitating training and education about legal rights. They will support those arrested and charged; support those who experienced police violence and harassment; monitor police and state violence on the streets. Currently the working group’s focus is to speak with those arrested or injured on Friday and those exposed to police violence. There is a Q&A on police violence organized at Trades Hall at 7PM, Wednesday 26th October 2011 and a legal observer training at Trades Hall from 9:15 to 1PM on 28th October 2011.

  1. Logistics Working Group, Jef

Logistics team members include: Lachy, Simon, Sarah, Chris, Ryan, Declan, Aaron among others and everyone is welcome to join as they need more help. All of Occupy Melbourne’s camp and materials were taken by the police.  Seventeen trucks worth of goods were taken from the camp and only three of them ended up in storage.  We are free to collect items from the storage.

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne gives the Logistics Working Group a mandate to take responsibility for Occupy Melbourne’s money gained through donations and devise a system for the transparent, equitable and rational distribution of the money to those who need it within the movement.


PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne gives the Logistics Working Group a mandate to plan the layout of the camp before Saturday and implements that layout through an ongoing liaison with people on ground on Saturday.

90% in favour: Passed

  1. Education Working Group, Dave

The entire library of the education working group was destroyed on Friday.

  1. Promotions Working Group, Costa

Promotions needs more volunteers. They would like to make clothing and other screen printing for Saturday. They require more artists and musicians to perform on the day.

  1. Media Working Group, Tal

All media inquiries should be directed to the media team. They need more people to help out.

  1. First Aid Working Group, Jason

The first aid working group includes Bonnie, Jasmine, Cam, Paul and Peter. Occupy Melbourne needs to recognise all of the diverse people who lived at the camp including homeless people. The kitchen fed everybody who came for a meal. The first aid working group requires supplies.

  1. Community Outreach and Unions Working Groups, Emma and Sam

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne endorse sending a letter of support from Occupy Melbourne to Trades Hall.


  1.  Direct Action Working Group, Sue

PROPOSAL (after modifications): That Occupy Melbourne meets at 12PM on Saturday, 29th October 2011 at the State Library and walks to Treasury Gardens for our occupation.
90% in favour: Passed

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne has a rally outside Melbourne Town Hall at 12PM on Thursday 27th October 2011 calling on Robert Doyle and Ted Baillieu to resign.

No Consensus Reached

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne has a rally on the steps of Flinders Street Station at 12PM on Wednesday 26th October 2011 for the Queen’s visit. We will not disrupt or obstruct traffic but stand on the steps with flour, sugar, water and tobacco and have a physical presence.

No Consensus Reached

  1. Promotions Working Group, Omni

PROPOSAL: That Occupy Melbourne supports a statement from the Australian Occupy Together movement which has already been endorsed by Sydney and Brisbane.


  1. Authorities Working Group, Megan

PROPOSAL That Occupy Melbourne supports having an ongoing police liaison role.



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