44th General Assembly

44th General Assembly

15th February, 2011

Facilitation Team: James (Moderator),Minutes taken by Kat

The meeting began with one hour and forty minutes of discussion around the circle about recent disagreements and conflicts that have occurred at Occupy Melbourne. Once this was completed a single proposal was heard.

No Working Group Report-Backs

No working group proposals.

Individual proposals

Cobina: That Occupy Melbourne transition to a spokes-council model in place of the General Assemblies on Wednesdays in accordance with the Occupy Portland model which has been distributed online and in person to occupiers. The model allows for both affinity and working groups to be a part of the spokes council. The model also does not require that groups are removed from the spokes council if they do not show up to three consecutive meetings. Any group can become a member of the spokes council. The spokes council model will be tested out a few times as a trial before it begins in three weeks time. The location of the spokes council meetings is to be determined.



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