20th General Assembly

The 20th Melbourne General Assembly
23/11/11 – Treasury Gardens, West Lawn

START: 6:09pm
Approx 90-100 in attendance
Minutes: Nick 

Nicola Par – Moderator
Nicola Pat – Moderator Support
James – Coordinator
Ali – Participants Team
Darcy – Participants Team
Rhys – Participants Team

[Assembly agrees we have quorum to make decisions on matters concerning the declaration]

Working Group Reports:
Legal (Rikki)
Still taking statements on Oct 21 eviction.
Legal Observer training will be held.

Direct Action (Sam)
Thursday* is White Ribbon Day *-is it?
Snap rally called by public servants.
Nurses rally tomorrow.
MCC meeting next Tuesday, OMEL should attend.

First Aid & Care (Luntz)
Attempting to maintain 24hr presence.
Identified the trust relationship within the First Aid WG meeting.
Need for confidentiality in many medical/health matters.

Media (Tal)
Attempting to maintain a 24hr presence, establishing an on site/off site roster.
We need the internet/electricity, consistent supply, need fundraising.
Will commence daily Media up-skilling sessions.

Logistics (Liam)
Have established a Logistics onsite roster, getting new faces in.
Organising a First Time Occupiers workshop.
Looking for new bedding materials.
Straw poll of how many will be staying tonight [Roughly 1/3 of the assembly].

Working Group Proposals:

Declaration (Sam)

Proposal: To adopt a Summary Draft Declaration.

[Copies of the Draft Declaration handed out to the assembly]

Explanation of the process through which the Declaration WG drafted the document.
Acknowledgement of mixed public opinion of OMEL, the movement needs a statement for itself.

[Draft declaration is read out to the assembly by Jordi]

[Facilitation suggests the assembly breaks into small groups to provide ideas on subtractions, additions and clear amendments]

Arthur moves a motion of no confidence in the Moderator: NOT PASSED

[Assembly breaks into small groups]

[Amendments are shared by representatives from each group, which are then tabled and collated so the Declaration Working Group can edit these amendments in]

[Straw poll suggests majority of the assembly would support the declaration with some of these amendments]

Proposal deferred to next GA.
Direct Action (Jason)
Proposal: To support the Australian Nursing Federation:

Logistics (Jef)
Proposal: That Kitchen donations collected from the Kitchen, not the OMEL donations box: DEFERRED TO NEXT GA

Media (Nick)
Proposal: That Occupy Melbourne supports Wikileaks:

Individual Proposals:

Proposal: That OMEL supports the people of Syria and Egypt: PASSED


A straw poll is put to the assembly on organising an Occupy Melbourne camp on private church land. Majority of abstentions.

Hipster Working Group: There will be an Occuparty this Saturday at an undisclosed location.

Assembly closed at 8:56pm


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