FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Calls for an independent inquiry in Occupy eviction gather momentum Two of Victoria’s leading human rights and justice organisations today endorsed calls made by the Occupy Melbourne Legal Support Team for an independent inquiry into the Occupy Melbourne eviction. The calls came on the back of the Support Team winning the prestigious Tim […]

Free Childcare Community contribution I was asked awhile ago, what causes can OM get behind, that could find the broader community gravitating towards and maybe even more supportive of the goals that Occupy aspires to. I thought about it and replied, I’m not sure the broader community really understand points about banks, foreign trade policies […]

The internet is truly powering our revolution and online video are arguably the most effective method for spreading information. And so, today’s digest is dedicated to some excellent videos – some old, some new. Owned & Operated Source: Youtube Owned & Operated is a full length feature created entirely using content that already exists on the internet. […]

Public transport rally- scrap MYKI & make public transport free Source: Community contribution @ 121 Exhibition St, outside the transport ministers offices. Regardless of the inclement weather there was a great turn out for the rally and the warm glow of solidarity found it a comfortable atmosphere. Of course private security officers and Vicpol were present, […]

OM Community responds to Julian Assange extradiction Source: News, Facebook, Indymedia The OM Community have been very active in sharing links and sharing their opinions on the extradiction of Julian Assange to Sweden. There is an event tomorrow night in support of this. UPDATED: Rap News 13: A News Hope Source: Youtube Rap news has […]

Banking on the People Source: According to both the Mayan and Hindu calendars, 2012 (or something very close) marks the transition from an age of darkness, violence and greed to one of enlightenment, justice and peace. It’s hard to see that change just yet in the events relayed in the major media, but a […]

Discussion at Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, 23 May 2012 Source: This piece from artist Tom Civil, in memory of the brutal police removal ordered by Melbourne City Council of the Occupy Melbourne Protests. It was painted on Friday 18th May at RMIT near the entrance to the Kaleide Theatre. The mural also symbolises […]