3rd General Assembly

3rd General assembly – Monday 17 october 2011

Declared open at 6pm

Acknowledge to traditional owners


General meeting style explained

Purpose explained

Facilitation proposal 1

Working group feedback confined to two minutes but can request extra time

That they only make proposals that are very relevant to issues that concern everybody at Occupy Melbourne

They should establish a daily working group meeting

Passed by consensus

Proposal 2

To have a distinction between ideals, demands and actions

Eg – war in Iraq – ideal = against war, demand = withdraw troops, action = march

To divide discussion into one of those three elements at any given stage

That it is opened up for discussion and people can put forward any ideals, demands or actions that they would like Occupy Melbourne to support, the Facilitator’s team then collate those suggestions, on Saturday, have a big get-together which will be publicised, and put together list of ideals. Saturday would then become the “ideals” day, and we have another day, later in the week, that is the day of “demands”

Dissent shown – we should set aside a time for reaching 1, 2 or 3 core demands

Can be a dozen other proposals but we should focus on not more than three

Original proposal Not carried by consensus

Alternate motion not carried

Opened for discussion

Two or three core demands

Andrew speaks against

We cannot demand because then we agree with the current government and are asking them to do something for us

Seraph speaks for

What are we trying to achieve? We should have a clear set of demands that are small and achievable

Owen speaks against

We are too diverse to agree on only a couple of demands. We need to relate to the vast bulk of people in the public. Supports original proposal

Natalia speaks for

We’re not in as dire straits as the americans, it is more difficult to relate to so many people, we need to attract more people by presenting as reasonable, rational people and not a fringe radical group

Proposal that we have only two or three concrete demands

Dissent still shown

No consensus shown

Working groups return and report

Indigenous working group

Media working group

Bring video footage and photos requested to be brought to media tent

it will be published online for you

Education working group

In the spirit of internationalism, we have taken inspiration from brothers and sisters in Spain to set up alternative departments

Proposal that they are not just a working group but instead an alternative education department in it’s own right

The education working group is an alternative education department that will rethink education and foster educational experiments at occupy Melbourne.

We propose that we have a particular space set aside as an education centre for learning leadership and discussion. We would like this space allocated at occupy melbourne. This space would include a whiteboard for purposes of classes, discussion, learning, et cetera.

Passed by consensus unanimous

We would also like to put forward the statement that occupy melbourne believes in free education for all

Passed by unanimous

Point – Kitchen needs someone to get propane gas bottles for dinner

Decision making is consensus-based

Attempt for unanimity, then by 90%, then to 66%, recorded in minutes as to which manner it is passed

Motion not passed

Promotions working group

Carlson and Costa

Have been working on banner “welcome to occupy melbourne, welcome to direct democracy”

Have two designs to choose from, one banner and one sticker

Both designs applauded

Artwork passed by consensus

Request for anyone with experience with permaculture and other sort of stuff – spread thru artistic communities

Proposal for an occupymelbourne fashion show

Passed by consensus

Community and union outreach liaison group

Want to get unions and other community groups involved

Corporate scumbag tour of Melbourne on Friday at 5pm

Proposal that people name their scumbag corporations and a route is planned to visit as many as possible, end at postie union to show solidarity

Passed by consensus – one dissenter – rather happen after the assembly

Passed by 90% consensus

Names of corporations called out for two minutes

Safe spaces and grievances

A proposal that occupymelbourne has a safer spaces policy. Not a set of rules rather a set of values that make everybody comfortable

Passed by consensus

Action – Meeting 3pm Tuesday 18 October 2011 to sort policy

Direct action working group

Report on march to stock exchange – brought back quite a few people and public learned

Wednesday – planned march on Circo – company that runs detention centres

Bhp on Thursday to join friends of the earth

Have mass leafleting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:30 and again at 5pm and leaflet major train stations

Passed unanimous

Legal announcement RE leafleting –  we cannot use vicroad property so be careful not to get caught

Any other business

Individual proposals

Ben Convey

Proposal that we vote every day on who will be the facilitators for the next day

Dissent shown

Complex debate – facilitation team is understaffed

Not passed

speakers for and against called for

jess speaks against

is impractical to carry out the proposal with the current staff numbers

speaker for

creates less of a target for arrests, high profile people easy to isolate

davey speaks against

will become too political. Keep the current system

proposal put against

consensus not reached

facilitation meets at 5pm every day. We need more volunteers near brunettis coffee


proposal that we have information that specifically relates to how the jewish holiday also being celebrated in the space is in solidarity with occupymelbourne

further call for clarification

dissent shown

passed by 90% consensus


nothing should be sold at occupymelbourne

that there should be a moratorium on selling anything on site until we reach a consensus

dissent shown

speakers for and against called

sarah speaks against

this movement is inclusive and should accommodate all peoples.

Proposal amendment –

Proceeds for anything sold on site should go to occupymelbourne

Consensus not shown


Proposal is that outside political interests are kept at a low key.

“low key” being directed away from general public

Dissent shown, speakers called for and against

Baron speaks for the proposal

We are all here for one political movement. We should show a unite front.

Jahari speaks against

The various political posters are what is having an effect on the public

Clarification is that the posters are not about specific issues, rathe that the issue is that we should not have large posters or banners for particular political groups facing the street

Consensus not reached


Point – At night time we need someone rostered in the kitchen


We as a movement are fundamentally against the principal of theft

James speaks against

Not against people who shoplift from supermarkets

Consensus not reached


That we ask a radio station to come and broadcast live from occupymelbourne

We shouldn’t be vilifying anybody by calling them scumbags. Alienating our audience is not a good idea

Speakers called for and against

Alex speaks against

It just seems a cool thing to do. The people we are targeting _are_ scumbags

Grahame speaks for

Scumbag is an inappropriate word. Using words like that will create a division that cannot be overcome

Rachael speaks against

Corporations ar evil and Rachael has personal grievances AND is opposed to slave labour

Another speaking for

It’s not a smart idea to alienate people who will become our allies

Julia speaks against

Those people ARE scumbags and deserved to be called such. We are standing together against the 1%

Consensus not reached

Proposal from direct action working group

That the corporate scumbag tour be rename to be called “shame on corporations tour”

Consensus not reached

Proposed for 90%

Consensus not reached


We all have an equal right to self-determination

Passed by 90% consensus


That we are against the principal of violence or the initiation of force

Consensus not reached

Meeting closed at 8pm


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