A general repository for video footage of Occupy Melbourne…
For the Occupy Melbourne Livestream click here

At City Square:
“The First Night” short film
Day 1 Documentary
Day 1 Documentary by Sunniva Moller
Day 8 Documentary
City Square Occupation Documentary by Jon Dagus

City Square Oct 21 Eviction:
“The Eviction” short film
Friday October 21 in Images
SBS World News Australia

Sky News Australia
Herald Sun Video
The Young Turks
Police remove bystanders on east side of City Square

Police Violence:
Police brutally push protesters northwards up Swanston Street
Police on horseback ride through a crowd of people

Other police actions:
Victoria Police drug squad specifically targets Occupy Melbourne

Melbourne City Council actions:
MCC officers issue Notices to Comply for “objects” & “things” 

Treasury Gardens raids:
Midnight raid on tarpaulin
Police called in to remove First Aid facilities

Direct Actions, Walks, Marches, Rallies:
Baiada Coles/KFC flashmob action
US Consulate OWS solidarity rally
Occupy Melbourne Supports the Australian Nurses Federation

Other video:
Documentary of S11 World Economic Forum Blockade


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