Minutes from 12 General Assembly, City Square 2/11/11 @6pm

Hand written and typed by Helen Cox (No Political Affiliation)


  • Acknowledgement of traditional land owners
  • Acknowledgement of difficulty of evictions and decision making processes
  • Respect and kindness to one another
  • Principles:
  • Consensus decision making
  • Aiming for participation
  • Frustrating and time consuming but core value of the movement
  • Purpose:
  • Putting forward proposals
  • Process:
  • Working group reports
  • Proposals (Repeat, Clarify, Feedback, Consensus)
  • No Consensus: 2 speakers for, 2 against
  • 90% Consensus needed, can be modifications

Coordinators and Facilitators

  • Nicola, Jessie, Camilla, Rhonda, Maria, Marion

Working Group Reports

  1. Facilitation Working Group
    • 50 people met, unanimous agreement (?) to acknowledge issues, feedback and need for transparency
    • New mandate from GA over the weekend
    • Prioritisation of new speakers: suggestions- speakers corner @ treasury gardens, space will not be provided in GA
    • Clarity and transparency

-Working groups must come up with own mandates that must be presented to the GA, particularly in regards to liaison with external bodies

  • Meeting places need to be wheel chair accessible
  1. Media WG- Carl
    • Working on mandate
    • 2 new PR people- training tomorrow
    • Press release teams
  1. Logistics WG- Ryan
    • Mon GA passed two proposals 1) Treasury gardens most suitable location, 2) Reoccupation WED night to give people a rest
    • Meeting at 2pm Thurs Treasury Gardens (structure less camp, smooth implementation/set up)
    • Channel 7
  2. Indigenous WG – Irini
    • Slow process, multicultural/lingual, multigenerational effects of the movement
    • Dreamtime Culture: share a story and positive solution, spread stories ‘like wildfire’ (stories of hardship)
  1. Legal WG- Ricki
    • Legal team taking statements Thurs and Fri nights, arrange an interview time
  1. Education WG- Darren
    • Apologies for WG meeting confusion
    • Self education and empowerment
  1. Carers WG- Kathy
    • Acknowledgement of ‘Carers’ as a more inclusive group
    • Dads needed for Teddy Bears Picnic- weekend sometime, underneath Occupy Melbourne umbrella
  1. First Aid- Jason
    • First Aid has expanded
    • Activist burnout
    • Working on mandate
    • WG meeting Sun (?)
  1. Good Neighbours WG- Liam
    • Environment, public perception
    • Fri 6pm meeting (?), concrete section of treasury gardens
  1. Direct Action WG- Nathan and Sue
    • Joined by Arts and Culture and Indigenous WG’s
    • Collaboration
    • Two actions, 1) Refugee rally, 2) Anti-nuclear
    • Top 10 CEO’s and top 20 companies
    • Flash mob targeted towards QANTAS- haven’t worked out details
    • Eviction of Robert Doyle proposed by Indigenous WG
  1. Economic Discussion WG- Arthur
    • Set up before SAT, blog is key to meetings: omeconomicdiscussion.wordpress.com
  1. Declaration WG
    • Meeting 8.30pm tomorrow @ city square
  1. Unions and Communities WG- Ben
    • Power march, route finalised- regular march, flyers and posters
    • Today is 2/11- Oakland will be on general strike because of vicious police violence
    • Union workshop to talk about general strikes
    • Message of support from TEU (?) Victoria branch


1. Indigenous WG

  • [I didn’t hear proposal due to obstructive camera man]
  • Amendment, Clarification, Proposal passed

2. Community and Unions WG- Ben

  • GA- city march, everyone brings two new people. PASSED by unanimous consent

3. Direct Action WG

  • Arts and Culture collaboration- 19/11 Music and Arts festival, mass invitations
  • OM begin to focus on Top 10 CEO’s and Top 20 companies- highlighting 1%
  • Flash mob @ QANTAS
  • Giving people a sense of what OM is about
  • Top 10 ‘most wealthy’, support for focus, few dissenters
  • Invitation to join Direct Action WG’s
  • Focus to look at employees of companies and define what they do
  • NO ACTION to be taken without mandates and consensus, PASSED?


1. Unknown

  • March NOW to treasury gardens
  • Signs posted by councils
  • March while there is a mass of people
  • 4 remaining proposals- do people want to do Treasury Gardens now?
  • Speaker against: consider proposals in their entirety
  • Conclusion: move after movement, consensus to move together after meeting

2. Solidarity with Perth Occupy site

  • Friend to declare solidarity with Perth and Brisbane

3. Smoking

  • Designated smoking area
  • Moderator acknowledges previous decision to designate smoking area
  • Clarification- only for GA and camp
  • Speaker against: irrelevant for GA. Speaker for: matter for logistics, should move on. For (2): asthma, sickness, undemocratic
  • Proposal PASSED @90%

4. Unknown person

  • Delay move to Treasury Gardens due to exhaustion
  • No clear support for proposal

5. Show of hands for those occupying tonight

  • Group of around 20 show their hands (from my P.O.V)

6. Brett

  • GA approve flag/ground zero
  • Someone is always signifying occupation- but location is always approved by GA
  • Clarification: Brett will be responsible for banner
  • People invited to input
  • Speaker against: banner is a waste of time.
  • Proposal PASSED

7. Unknown

  • Proposal: NO-ONE speaks to media on behalf of OM
  • Moderator acknowledges Media WG
  • Clarification: individuals NOT representing OM are ok
  • Does not include social media
  • Proposal NOT PASSED


  • Occupy Gippsland- meeting SUN
  • Logistics- in the event of an eviction Logistics will consolidate all properties using transport, overnight eviction; Logistics will do their best, move to sidewalk
  • Kitchen- moving tomorrow
  • Movie screening SAT 247 Flinders Lane, fundraising for lost property.

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