2nd General Assembly

2nd General Assembly – Sunday October 16

Proposal from Saturday 15 October 2011

People identify when they speak for themselves or when they are speaking for a political group

People have to identify their political affiliation before they speak to the general assembly

Passed by consensus

Notes – jazz hands to indicate consensus and when a clear-cut number is necessary to just use one hand

Roughly 300 attendees

Minutes not read

Working groups put proposals first

Each proposal presented within two minutes and to explain why and how proposal to be implemented when it is approved

Indigenous working group


Occupy Melbourne endorse the following demands -Less imprisonment, sickness, suicide, early death, more education, health services, empowerment through education, community controlled social services, and an end to working for rations and an end to  racism in the intervention

Dissent was shown but outvoted – two voted against

Chant afterwards – “stop the intervention – human rights for all”

Legal group


In the event of emergency situation where legal support and /or first aid needs to address the crowd that they get top priority to communication equipment – megaphones, radios and microphones

Passed by consensus

Union and Community Work group

Proposal 1

That a Corporate Scumbag Tour march happens on Friday 5pm to 7pm

Passed unanimously


Discussion on sites to visit during tour including Commonwealth bank, Westfield, Rio tinto, Anz, BHP, Westpac, Leyton holdings, Apple

Discussion was deferred to working group and Facebook page

For Friday between 5pm and 6pm – “corporate scumbag tour”

March starting city square, ending at parliament

Passed by consensus

Action – occupymelbourne Facebook page – event created

Suggestions for tour points requested


That this general assembly establish a roster so that at all times we are leafleting the community as they are walking past our occupation

Action – deferred to promotions working group

Passed by consensus

Direct action working group

Proposal 1

A march on the stock exchange (cnr king and Collins) on Monday 17th October 2011 at 12:30pm in order to gather more people, and while there chant, make noise, make speeches (to be worked out in subcommittee)

Shutting down the stock exchange was suggested

Dissent shown – not enough people to protect base, after all point of protest is to occupy Melbourne

Motion to defer decision until numbers seen on Monday 16th October 2011 – facilitator to decide at 12: pm midday

Motion that enough people are left to protect the camp

Passed by consensus

Authority’s workgroup (previously conflict resolution and police / council liaison)


That anyone with skills in social work, counselling, psychological, mediation, conflict resolution or any other skills please step forward. This is not bound by qualifications rather innate skillsets in real life.

Individual proposals



Occupy Melbourne to be a drug and alcohol free space.

Passed by consensus

Ben Convey


That all proposals written on paper are also recorded electronically and published on occupy Melbourne website and appended to the minutes without exclusivity

That if we must write proposals on paper before they are approved to be actually spoken at the general assemblies, that ALL proposals submitted on paper be recorded electronically and published on the occupymelbourne website

Passed by consensus

Proposal for no new proposals taken today due to time constraints

Passed by consensus



That a working group be formed to discuss tactics for eviction – plan of action group

Passed by general consensus

Action – pierce to form group and put time and date on board for this discussion

Note – anyone can create a working group, it does not need to be approved



To create a workgroup on sexism and interpersonal violence and to endure the respect and inclusiveness of all genders and sexualities

Action – workgroup to be held after meeting

Dissent shown – that it should be of no discrimination to anyone at all

Passed by consensus



That this general assembly endorses thirty seconds of silence for the thousands of people killed during the war in Afghanistan and acknowledge

Suggestion was made that occupymelboune

Passed by consensus



End to the wars

Australian troops out of Afghanistan

That occupy Melbourne take an official stance against Australian government’s military occupation anywhere in the world, and for our troops to be removed immediately

Passed unanimously



For a quiet time in the sleeping zone at occupymelbourne between 10pm and 7am

Dissent shown – clarification

No loud music or drumming and people being mindful of noise in communal areas

Passed by consensus

Anita and Stu


Creation for smoke-free area for children to play in,

Creation of a smoking designated place in north-west corner

Reason – to respect public airspace and

Amendment – need to clean up after ourselves and provided facilities to clean cigarette butts

Amendment – too restrictive – maybe two zones for more flexibility for smokers?

Action – Put to logistics working group about ashtrays

Dissent shown – two against

Amendments passed

Proposal passed by consensus


That we have a banner “Welcome to Occupy Melbourne” be created and displayed

Passed by consensus


That we have only one unifying banner

Dissent shown – there should be freedom of diversity and opinion

Proposal failed



Intelligent design to be incorporated into the camping space to prove out ability to adapt the way that we live.

Passed by consensus


To form a working group to put together a draft principal or declaration for occupy melbourne

Dissent shown

Not passed


Requests for logistics to Melbourne city council be approved

City council offered to possibly fund our resources

Top demands for resources

–        Acquisition of electricity

–        OH&S to assist with installation of power

–        Water

–        Access to 24 hour public toilets

–        Sandbags to secure structures

–        Cessation of sprinklers at 4:20am so we can have tents on grass

–        Showers directly underneath us to be opened for our use

–        Parking permits

–        Canisters for cigarette butts

–        Extra bins for city square

Passed by consensus



That we set aside general assembly time to sort out our core demands

Set significant time for various proposals to decide which are the core demands to go into media releases

Dissent shown


Proposal to only take one more proposal tonight

Passed by consensus



Occupy Melbourne present to the Australian Nurses Federation a statement of solidarity and support for their current campaign

Passed by consensus



Occupy Melbourne expresses our solidarity and support to ASU – service industry workers in their campaign for equal pay

Passed by consensus

GA at 6pm on workdays

Facilitation email –





Proposals that were not included in today’s meeting will be typed up and attached to these meetings.

Individual proposals not addressed from Sunday


We all have a right to self-determination


We as a movement are fundamentally against the principal of theft




My parents named me after Peace, and I have a concept to have exchange for change

Jason Fredol

That a working group be established to explore the commodification of education and modeilise (sp?) students


To form an education reform working group

For example, a working group to discuss and identify particular demands regarding the education system and educational reform

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