32nd General Assembly

4th of January, 2012, 6:00pm

Facilitators: Beth, Joel, Cade, Hannah Minutes by Emma

[Facilitation runs through process, hand signals and passes default agenda]

Working Groups Report Backs:

Indigenous Working Group No report

First Aid & Care Working Group
 Have created healing/meditation space at Base. Workshops being planned in meditation, healing, music, spoken word. Working on health and safety issues with other working groups. FACT are not OM police, but healers.

Education Working Group
 Has been quiet over break. Planning film night soon. Reading group 6pm before dinner every day at Base. Tuesday is Melb Free University at City Square.

Overnighters Moved to Base (Father Bob’s church in South Melbourne) Xmas Eve, one day early due to bad weather. Working space set up – rosters, maps, direct action planning. Approx 20 staying overnight. Less safety issues now than in Flagstaff.

Feminist Working Group Upcoming discussion of book The Beauty Myth.

Facilitation Working Group next meeting 12pm Saturday at GA location

Working Group Proposals


Individual Proposals:

Jacob: OM to occupy City Square one day a week, Friday or Saturday, plan actions, be visible. PASSED 100%

Jason: That the GA have some discussion on Jacob’s proposal. PASSED 90% (1 dissent)

Discussion summary – Occupy on Fridays 12pm-12am, open to a range of activities, groups.

Teigan: Default location for future General Assemblies City Square. PASSED 100%

Cobina: OM to support ‘Move your Money’ campaign, with launch on Jan 17th. PASSED 100%

Kev: Occupiers can only be part of a particular working group for maximum 3 months. NOT PASSED


Jason: Tuesday 10th Jan, Spoken Word Event at Base, for team morale and to attract and provide discussion space for new occupiers.

Dave: Stickers printed for all. Monday 9th Jan, day of action in CBD, more info at next GA.

Sam: Need food donations for kitchen working group.

Chay: CBD flashmob soon, more info to come

Close 7:15pm



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