23rd General Assembly

Minutes  Saturday 3 December 2011, 4pm, Flagstaff  Gardens


Facilitation Team

Moderator: Nicola

Coordinator: Paul

Participants: Kevin, Kade/Joel

Minutes: Joel

Timekeeper: Angelo

Acknowledgment that we are on Aboriginal land and sovereignty has never been ceded.

Explanation of process and hand signals.

 Proposed Agenda –

  • Working Group Report Backs
  • Working Group Proposals
  • Individual Proposals
  • Announcements

Agenda consented.

Working Group (WG) report backs –


  • Unsettled nature of occupation site has impacted upon media team’s ability to function.
  • Proactive approach now required by Media team – external media interest is becoming less active.
  • Timing of publicity had been discussed in WG meeting.
  • Encourage more citizen journalism – promoting social media activity (ie. blogging/tweeting).
  • Media team currently in transition period.
  • Main objective: to bring more people into the movement physically and emotionally; attract more attention.
  • Citizen Journalism workshops will be held in future (or ask a fellow occupier who knows)
  • #OMEL – Twitter hashtag.
  • NEXT MEETING: 2.30pm Saturdays (At Occupation Site)

First Aid and Care

  • WG appreciated feedback from discussion at previous GA
  • Developing a safer spaces proposals in conjunction with Kenji.
  • NEXT MEETING: 2pm Sunday 4/12 (At Occupation Site)


  • Continuing to work on improving process.
  • Acknowledgement of perception that the WG has appeared exclusive and reaffirmation that all are welcome and very much needed to participate and join.
  • Pre-Assembly Facilitation meeting: 2pm Sunday 4/12 (At Occupation Site)
  • Skillshare will be held to train new volunteers.
    Tentative date: Mon 12/12, Location/Time: TBA.
  • NEXT WG MEETING: 12pm Saturday


  • Council disruptions continue.
  • The occupation continues.

Working Group Proposals –

No proposals raised.

Individual Proposals –

Proposal: 30 mins prior to the start of each GA will be devoted to a substantive debate followed by a non-binding strawpoll. PASSED.

Proposal: To provide the overnight occupiers the ability to make strategic and logistic decisions when under duress. PASSED.

(following speakers for/against, speakers list)

Proposal: That OccupyMelbourne is not politically affiliated. NOT PASSED.

Proposal: Individuals and political/issues groups do not solicit for donations for their group (or sell anything). DEFERRED NOT PASSED


  • Melbourne Free University to hold weekly discussion series starting this week: Tuesdays, 7.00-8.30pm, City Square.
  • Education – visitor in attendance, Angelo, former worker of oil industry. Intention to have him speak to Occupy in the near future.
  • Special Assembly for First Declaration of Occupy Melbourne:

Sunday 4 December (Tomorrow), 3pm, Flagstaff Gardens.

GA closed. 


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