Occupy Melbourne 14th General Assembly Minutes

5th November 2011

Decisions Reached:

For as long as OM is based in a city location, GAs will be held at that location (Treasury Gardens at present), except on Wednesdays when they will be held at City Square. If OM leaves the city, all GAs will still be held at City Square.

Towers of Power tours will take place every Friday at 5.30, GAs will still begin at 6PM Fridays.

The Direct Action Working Group will begin working on an action based around protesting any extradition of Julian Assange to the USA. More concrete details will come later.

Occupy Melbourne supports and endorses Occupy Oakland’s demonstrations and actions of recent days including strikes and the shutdown of ports. Proposer Julia from Socialist Alternative will work with the Media Working Group on how to communicate this endorsement.

Working Group Announcements:

Facilitation Working Group is still working on proposals for changes to the facilitation process to deal with concerns brought to them. Next meeting is 12PM Sunday the 6th of November.

Legal Working Group reports that police have stated they do not plan any eviction of OM from Treasury Gardens this weekend. Statements are still being taken regarding the eviction and anything else relevant at the Fitzroy Legal Service on weeknights. Free legal support has been offered to support claims on confiscated items. Legal observer workshops are coming soon. Legal team needs more volunteers, especially people with a background in criminal law (as lawyers).

Media Working Group is meeting 12PM Sunday the 6th and 7PM Monday the 7th at Treasury Gardens.

Logistics Working Group is meeting at 3PM Sunday the 6th at Treasury Gardens. Requests that people are mindful and respectful that Footscray Primary are demonstrating in Treasury Gardens on Sunday the 6th. There is also a sewing workshop at 3PM Sunday the 6th.

Direct Action Working Group reports the following impending actions: Monday the 7th November – BHP rally at 10AM, then 12.30PM Evict Robert Doyle Rally, 11th November – Qantas Action, 19th November – Mass (hopefully) Gathering, location tba.

First Aid Working Group is meeting at 5PM Sunday the 6th at Treasury Gardens, and needs volunteers for a new counselling/support branch. Will also soon be running first aid workshops supported by CFMEU.

Creative Innovation working group will liase with Legal and Logistics abut plans for ‘flash camping’. They are also preparing a DVD about OM and would like input and ideas sent to omcreativeinnovations@hotmail.co.nz

Union & Community Outreach Working Group reports that: the SACS division of the ASU will be supporting OM soon at Treasury Gardens, Poultry Workers are in support of OM, and that ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ planned for the 19th is being supported by the ETU and CFMEU.

Kids & Carers Working Group reports that the 19th November Teddy Bears Action will be at 11.30AM, location tba. The group can be found on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/omkidsandparents/

Education Working Group is meeting Sunday 6th at 11AM at Treasury Gardens. Then invites all to a lecture by a visiting academic ‘What If Education Was Free?’ at 2PM at Treasury Gardens the same day.

Kitchen Working Group is low on food, would like donations. Currently has a van donated by Father Bob. Needs more volunteers.

Individual Announcements:

Solidarity Film Night at Ross House tonight, 7.30PM “V for Vendetta’, all funds going to victims of the October 21st Eviction, remaining funds to Working Groups.

New Working Group ‘Fundraising Working Group’ is holding a meeting at 10.30AM on Sunday the 6th at Treasury Gardens.

Occupy Belgrave has officially endorsed Occupy Melbourne.

Help is requested by Brett to maintain the Occupy Melbourne Ground Zero Flag. He now has a prototype of the flag with the OM logo on it.

Meeting about Occupy Melbourne and Left Strategy will be held this Thursday at 6.30PM at the New Internationalist Bookstore.

A new working group regarding long term ideas is beginning, contact Lachlan (no contact details but I believe he is in the creative innovation group which can be contacted here: omcreativeinnovations@hotmail.co.nz)

Reminder to all to declare political affiliations when talking at a GA.

Suggestion that working groups should meet with each other every day to facilitate better communication. Meeting time of 10.30AM proposed for Sunday the 6th at Treasury Gardens.

Clarification that if the website is not up to date, contact the Media Working Group 0438 428 116.

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