=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= INTRODUCTION TO CRITICAL THEORY – WEEK 4: KARL MARX – ALIENATED LABOUR 15:00– 16:30 @ Grassroots This course is designed to introduce participants to some of the basic concepts of a number of modes of social and philosophical inquiry which are now generally brought together under the heading ‘critical theory.’ It aims to present […]

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MEDIA WORKING GROUP MEETING 14:00 – 15:00 @ Grassroots The Occupy Movement is planning some big things in 2012. With the initial phase of the encampment Occupations mostly over around the world and now focusing on “the bigger picture”, the Media Working Group may require some structural changes to grow with the Movement. – […]

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement! Stop the sale of Australian democracy to foreign corporate interests! JOIN US on the opening day for a mass demonstration of our objection to this attempt to highjack our country for corporate 1% interests. 1st March, 2012 7.30am onwards Melbourne Convention Centre to make our voices heard! Bring lots of […]

SCHEDULE 12:00 Telstra Workers Rally (corner Swanston and Bourke Streets until 13:00) 14:00 Kitchen Workshop: Secrets in making awesome falafels 15:00 Critical Theory for Occupiers – Week 2: Immanuel Kant – What is Enlightenment? (1.5 hours) 16:00 Kitchen Workshop: Making hummus – The traditional way 16:30 The People Are Coming… occupy.com 17:00 Sovereignty workshop with […]

Each Friday between 10am and 10pm, Occupy Melbourne is reclaiming City Square for the people so we can rebuild our spirit of community, show people we’re still here, still keen and we can change the world! Now in it’s 6th incarnation, this has been a huge success thus far and is growing each week, with […]

Occupy Melbourne has decentralised following the endorsement of a synthesised proposal to adopt a strategy of decentralisation by the 34th General Assembly, on Wednesday January 11, 2012. The proposal was synthesised from an array of suggestions and ideas raised during the course of the assembly, following the mutual decision to vacate St. Peter & St. […]

Contributors to Occupy Melbourne have organised a recurring occupation of City Square held every Friday from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Occupy Fridays is your chance to reclaim your voice and your square! Organised events include Q&A Sessions, Debates, Guest Speakers, Spoken word, Bands/Music, Skills training sessions, Discussion groups and Working Group meetings! Now is […]