Banking on the People


According to both the Mayan and Hindu calendars, 2012 (or something very close) marks the transition from an age of darkness, violence and greed to one of enlightenment, justice and peace. It’s hard to see that change just yet in the events relayed in the major media, but a shift does seem to be happening behind the scenes; and this is particularly true in the once-boring world of banking….


Real Estate 4 Ransom – Melbourne made documentary on vimeo

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REAL ESTATE 4 RAN$OM outlines a genuine alternative to the global property speculation that forced so many into debt. Doubling the pressure, the tax game has become just that, with tax havens a favoured option for the wealthy.
The result – we are taxing the wrong things, causing more problems whilst bankrupting once proud economies. A systemic change is essential if we are to avoid these damaging boom-bust-bailouts.


What’s On This Week

TAFE Cuts, Education and the Capitalist Crisis

Monday: Employers and their governments around the world want education and training to make workers more profitable but at the same time want public spending slashed and education to become a market. This forum will address the background to the TAFE cuts and how to campaign for public education.

Melbourne Free University – RAGING AGAINST THE RICH: Occupy and its antecedents

Wednesday: Check out this special session from Melbourne Free University featuring speaker Verity Burgmann.

Rally In Support Of Julian Assange

Thursday: Meet at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Victorian Head Office at Casselden Place, 2 Lonsdale Street (corner of Spring Street) on Thursday and demand that the Australian Federal Government act to ensure justice for Assange.

Weekly Whimsical Workshop

An all-in-one weekly workshop for Occupy Melbourne at Experimedia in The State Library.

WOW (Women Out Wild) : A night of music, circus, spoken word and dance spectacular!

A night of music, circus, spoken word and dance spectacular to help fundraise for a Womenn’s Circus International Outreach Project in France.



  1. Hey Occupy Melbourne peeps! Not sure if you are aware but government funding cuts have resulted in the axing of the only full time Auslan (Aust. SIgn Language) course in the entire Eastern states. The only one left after this is axed will be Perth. This is a human rights issue and the students and Deaf community will be staging a silent march to protest the axing of the course. We want this decision reversed and would like as many people as possible to attend our rally to support our cause. more info:
    Please come and join us at Fed Square this Wednesday 30th May at 12 to walk to Parliament House and rally.

  2. Delilah Hansson · ·

    wow so pleased to see such great work,living so far away from town I regret I can’t be a more active participant but I will endeavour to do what I can nevertheless, but what to express my appreciation to those who are giving so readily of themselves thank you

  3. Jolly Rodjer · ·

    The problem of Bankers seeking more deposits is linked to the failure of the mechanism where Banks have to have more loans following those which went before, as they do not create money additional to creating loans, so if there are less borrowers than before there will be not enough money in the economy to pay the interest so loans fail to be paid.
    As loans become deposits also when there is less borrowing due to a credit crunch caused by losses in speculation by Banks there is not enough deposits including the term deposits which they are seeking but now costing more thus loans will cost more further driving down the demand for loans, you can see how this mechanism is now failing.
    The expansion of credit in a private fractional reserve system expands the “deposit’ by at least 10 times when the system fails due to the above the contraction can be also 10 times when this happens there is not enough money to pay depositors thus the Bank wiull fail.

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