Discussion at Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, 23 May 2012


This piece from artist Tom Civil, in memory of the brutal police removal ordered by Melbourne City Council of the Occupy Melbourne Protests. It was painted on Friday 18th May at RMIT near the entrance to the Kaleide Theatre. The mural also symbolises the encroachment of big business, with the backup of police and military, into public space. I often feel sorry for police, security and soldiers as they are used as pawns in the game of big business and government.

Photo of the day

Source: Facebook (Occupy The Movie)

This is from the continuing student protests in Montreal, just in case you don’t believe they are getting the numbers that they claim, and the media refutes.

Article: Occupy Wall Street Vs. The American War Machine

Source: (article originally from Al Jazeera)

“Where a state stands on the international scale impacts the fate of that state’s social movements. The United States’ position as a global military power puts the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement at a particular disadvantage.” – Excellent article featured on, originating on Al Jazeera.



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  1. The US economy runs heavily on war to gain fields of oil or land where oil & gas & rare earths can be obtained, they may not have enough jobs or money for citizens, but if a war is required as in the 2nd world war a depression one month can turn into a boom the next.
    So if they now want the economy to pick up all that is required is the manufacture of thousands of planes, boats, tanks, & bombs place them in some safe place & blow them all up this will apparently solve an economic crisis without hurting anyone.
    Now I ask is this the way to act in 2012 & can you see the madness of the MAD economy.

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